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I think the S40 looks better. Vertu has a really bad ad campaign running right now. They're probably spending more on advertising than R&D. Save the money and buy a nice Pocket PC so you can surf the net anywhere your mobile phone works.
Energie also makes decent shoes. Too much people are wearing Diesel ones.
DSQUARED's Fall/Winter 2003 collection will be sold at Holt Renfrew in Toronto. The two designers are Canadian
For around $100 you can buy a pair of previous season Prada shoes...
Seven is coming out with men's jeans and they think cords will be the next big thing. I saw no-logo Prada Sport jeans on sale the other day for around $150. They were straight-leg and seemed to have a nice fit, but looked a bit too plain. A lot of Prada Sport sweaters and shirts now don't have any logos which is good. Go to eBay and you will see why Prada needs to get rid of the red flash.
The site is based in Japan and yes they are selling really expensive Dolce & Gabbana jeans. The 149,000 yen (US$1200) jeans have been sold out So has the ugly $2800 deconstructed jean jacket Japanese are rich and they spend a lot of money on European labels. I think they account for 40% of the worldwide luxury market.
I've been frauded $200 on eBay (long story) when I tried to buy a Pocket PC, but eBay still sent me a $175 insurance check 9 months later. I can get a black version of the bag for $250. I think its worth it just because I could resale it on eBay in the future for a higher price
Hey this is the bag I'm talking about: Its actually a "Traveling Bag", not a briefcase.
Hey I think the Rafe bag you're talking is here:
But I don't see too many people with Prada Sport bags. Prada Sport bags use different fabric and are treated with Teflon or Gore-Tex. They also use the red stripe instead of the silver triangle.
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