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Prada and Prada Sport have similar prices too.
Don't forget the Prada museum
Aldo makes some decent sandles for a low price but I'm not sure if you live near one. http://www.aldoshoes.com/
Prada Sport uses a lot of Gore-Tex too but it isn't a technical label. Its just casual sportswear. Miuccia says Prada Sport is the true Prada line. I wouldn't wear it to the gym or play soccer in their trainers but its something you can wear everyday. It might be hard to explain its appeal but I find it futuristic, well-made, comfortable and stylish. Just don't buy the plain t-shirts.
They are the same thing. I think Dsquared2 is the correct way of saying it now.
That's not true, Prada Sport pants are treated with Teflon and will last a long time. They have a nice cut and the slight stretch makes them very comfortable. I think the price is a major turn off but thats what keeps everyone from wearing it and its possible to buy it on sale for 20-50% off.
Orange label is more sporty and casual. Kind of like Hugo Boss's sportswear line.
Dsquared Fall/Winter 02/03: http://www.modaonline.it/mmuai0203/d...efault_eng.asp Make sure you watch the video.
With Pocket PCs you use Internet Explorer to surf the net and MS Word to type documents. They can almost replace laptops. Sony makes a very nice PalmOS PDA though.
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