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Le Chateau sells them. Around US$30.
If it's a gift then Customs Canada won't charge you anything.
The Dior site is slow and fustrating. Hedi Slimane designed it with the help of a Flash programmer. davei Prada Sport is priced the same as the mainline.
Many salespeople aren't friendly until they're sure you're going to buy something. Usually salespeople are friendly but sometimes I get the "I have more important things to do" vibe. Its either I'm completely ignored or they are annoying as hell. Oh and I don't like how sometimes they just pop out of nowhere and yell "HI.". When I go shopping I like to look around and not have salespeople tell me what I should wear or what looks good on me.
I've heard some horror stories with anal hair being shaved. You can trim it but don't shave it.
aybojs those pants are real. The only Prada fakes on eBay are from the sports line, most of them are caps and t-shirts. Prada size 46 is a size small and its supposed to be a 30.5 inch waist.
How deep were the Holt's discounts? I didn't see things down more than 20-30%. After taxes you're still paying about the same as the retail price =\\
I recently bought a $30 t-shirt from Sisley it was good Miu Miu knock-off. I think Benetton has great quality because their automated manufacturing facilities are the most advanced in the world. The only problem is sometimes the clothes seem too bland.
Helmut Lang and Jil Sander are now made in the same factories as Prada.
Hey GQ which Holt's did you go to? Bloor or Yorkdale? I have a Prada shirt with the same problem. The thread comes apart and I have to roll it back behind the button. One positive thing I noticed is the zippers are Swiss-made by Riri. One of my knitted Prada shirts had several holes after a few wearings (my fault). Prada supplied a bunch of thread but it costs about $25 to fix each hole so I decided its not worth fixing anymore. I notice the new Prada Sport shirts at...
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