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I like the way Dior Homme uses two silver stitches on the bottom of their shirts and jackets. Prada Sport does the same thing on some items except they use red thread.
Is Le Firme locataed near the Chinese mall called Times Square? What is the selection like? There is a store in the Chinese mall that sells Ittierre labels including D&G, GFF Jeans and Trussardi. Just checked out the website, sounds pretty cool: Quote: As always men's suits from Cerrutti and Zegna are less than half of retail; the handmade Radaelli line (alterations done on site) starts at $700.00. Le Firme's new private-label suits, made by the same Italian...
Discreet logos are okay. It depends on your age and which type of environment you're in. I wouldn't wear any logos to the office but I think they're fine for school or clubbing. Most Prada Sport and Gucci items don't have logos. Prada plans to phase out the red stripe. Would you consider logos on zippers too flashy?
PSport bags: http://www.i-piazza.co.jp/prada/prada_sholder.shtml
I got it from the New York Times article. http://www.nytimes.com/2002/08/27/fashion/27DRES.html Unabashed Wal-Mart Shopper Speaks By CATHY HORYN 'm almost embarrassed to admit I buy my clothes at Wal-Mart. Not because of the radioactive scorn attached to the company, the world's largest "” 2,600 stores, $219 billion a year in revenue, slayer of mom-and-pop operations everywhere "” or even because, golly, Ned, it looks as if I won't make the International Best-Dressed...
Wal-Mart sells $25 billion worth of clothing each year.
My friend purchased a Balenciaga jacket a few weeks ago I think it was from the first men's collection. Feb 6, 2002/ FWD/ --- Balenciaga's Nicolas Ghesquiere will stage the house's fall/winter 2002 women's ready-to-wear collection on Wednesday, February 13 in the Gagosian Gallery in Chelsea. The decision to show in Gagosian's downtown outpost dovetails perfectly with Ghesquiere's particularly arty fashion sensibility, and comes as news emerges that the designer also...
I don't know which model he owns but the ones with silver buckles and no logo look pretty classy. One of the zippers inside my Prada Sport messenger bag I use for high school broke off the first day I bought it. Anyways I think it's a very practical and functional bag. There are a ton of pockets and zippers inside. It impresses the girls too but I usually say I got it as a gift since I don't want people to think I would spend $700 on a bag.
I think almost every mainstream shoe store downtown stocks Diesel now. I would stay away from them. For a similar price range try Puma or Energie shoes which are harder to find. HR's Last Call sale is next month so you you might be able to find some designer shoes for around $200. I bought Energie jeans on sale at Pacific Mall for C$120 and didn't pay tax. Just bargain with them they can speak some English. I just saw a similar pair of used Energie jeans on eBay go for...
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