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What do you think of these shoes? It seems like Prada simply added their logo to charge an extra $50.
Thanks for all the great ideas. However, I don't want to have to deal with too many suppliers because this is a small shop. I think I'll focus on the "safe" designers and start introducing the less known ones once I'm more established. Everything in the store will definitely be discounted, I'll need the large discounts to establish a customer base. Keep in mind that retail stores markup designer items at least 400%. Just to clarify, the store will be opening in Markham,...
Thanks for the responses guys. The store will be located in Toronto and I plan on opening an online store as well. I'll be able to offer large discounts because my supplier has direct contacts with Italian manufacturers. LA Guy: Speaking of Prada Sport...
I'm opening a small designer shop in a couple more months and am about to purchase the inventory. The store will stock current season designer collections at discounts of 30-50% off. I can't decide whether I should try to stock a bit from every designer or focus on two or three. My suppliers have access to the following collections: Dolce & Gabbana D&G Prada Prada Sport Miu Miu Christian DiorDior Homme Gucci Roberto Cavalli Romeo Gigli Ermenegildo Zegna Zegna...
Have you seen the S/S 04 collection? What are they thinking?.?.
What do you think of this look? It reminds me of my Oakley backpack.
I wear the Prada retro trainers, stay away from the flashy America's Cup shoes. These Tod's/Prada loafers would look great: I think Energie trainers would look good as well but they might be harder to find.
The Acura TSX will be available in April but no V6 will be offered.
Where's Neil Barrett? Prada Jil Sander Costume National Bally
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