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Per request via PM, shots of the labels, and a shot of the front of the suit, closed and buttoned.
Bought on eBay a few months ago. I tried it on once, but it doesn't fit me. It was sold as having been worn only in a film production, for whatever that's worth. Solid charcoal grey wool. I've included the three remaining pictures from the original auction, and have posted more photos below. (As you can see from those photos below, the color is darker than the original auction photos would suggest.) Jacket: 2 buttons, 19" p2p, 31" length from base of collar, 17"...
rest assured that, given your and his gpas, you will have to significantly outperform him on the lsat to be competitive
I'd be in.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger I think that I"m going to go to harvard undergrad, uchicago law school and then work for skadden i see quantities of blow in your future.
purely anecdotally, it's easy to sneak in to a top program through the back door if you're already in at one of the other professional or grad schools. for example, if you can score decently on the gmat, and have business-related internships or some other indicator of interest, you should be fairly well-positioned. relatedly, i know people who are doing this right out of college, no work experience. no position on questions 3 and 4, except to the extent that 1L will suck...
that ps polo is a large at 18.5"? do you mind posting another pic for the color? looks greener than grey. thanks
spring quarter: public international law civil procedure ii contracts ii criminal ii
sport coat/orphaned jacket. i usually wear smaller than 42R but the shoulders are perfect and imagine my tailor can work the fit elsewhere. brand tag cut out, "made in italy," cross-referenced the maker's tag against the identify the tag thread, looks like corneliani for ralph lauren blue label? (especially given the "blue label" designation on the maker tag...) anyone care to confirm? dude at the store told me it was "jos a. bank, i have one just like it," i...
Quote: Originally Posted by Modernist I recall an article about the same tailor when G.W.B. got first elected. I believe it was in the New Yorker. Edited: This, at least, was the article I was thinking about (before even having seen it quoted in the VF article!)
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