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Condition: 7.5 - Please note that as with other RG tops with that pre-distressed treatment, piling on the gauzy material back is there already when I got it. Tagged size: 46 = Small Description: - Black - Signature RG tab on left chest - Mesh front - Gauzy back - Curved side seam - Slim fit - Made in Japan
Anybody selling or know somewhere on sale with the Wings + Horns slim fit raw jeans?!
GF Denim Condition: 9/10 Tagged size: 30 x 32 Measurements: Waist: 16" Knee: 8" Hem: 7" **all measurements taken with garment laid flat** Description: - Graphite colored hardware - Rear pocket slit design to create two compartments - GF leather tag/patch - Button fly - Made in Japan - Selvage denim - Price including worldwide shipping PM me for additional inquiries
Not trying to hi jack the thread but if you can find it for 25 EURO, please do tell. Otherwise, I think his price is fair considering what others usually ask for.
Wrong thread
How are the vintage chinos nowadays? I don't see them at Uniqlo around my way.
Someone buy that W+H striped hoodie. Fit and construction on that is superb.
Not sure about the raws but I assume they're from the same loom and the one year wash definitely stretched from my experience.
Just received the cords from ssense. Quite pleased with the sizing as I sized down 1 from my jean size - not experiencing any boxy top box to super slim legs as suggested above. Also, it does seem like the white streaks some of you are getting is already apparent on mine around the hem opening. It's fine with my so far but we'll see how much more will form from normal wear and wash.
Pulled the trigger and went with a pair of size 29 in the german cord off ssense. Normally a 30 and got the one year wash slim fit jeans in 30 as well so I'll see how these will fit.
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