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Size: 46 Condition: 8/10 Shipping from Hong Kong so please add $25 for shipping.
Should I be worried? I emailed back.
Size: 32 Condition: BNWT Description: - 3.1 Phillip Lim zipper pants. - Horizon color which is a very nice teal color. - Straight fit
Very nice color coordination - different the same old dark palette with RG.
First and foremost, I'm not trying to deceive listing under W+H, this is W+H before CYC streamlined the lines under their umbrella. You can easily tell the resemblance in the design. Size: S - Slim Fit Condition: 7.5/10 - loosely listed at 7.5 due to its age there's no damage (hole/rip/etc.) this hoodie is pretty indestructible for a fleece piece. Description: - Subtle pinstripes. - Thick cuff. - RiRi double zip. - OG W+H. - Substantial weight. **FIT PIC** For ref. I'm...
Size: S Condition: 8/10 - no stains or rips. slight piling due to the blend (50% cotton, 30% polyester, 20% viscose rayon) Description: - Robert Geller Seconds first ever season. - Button front. - Long drape fit (web store fit pic in a different color) - Light weight - perfect layering or stand alone piece. Please add US$ 10 for worldwide shipping (Based in HK)
Size: 29 X 33 - true to size unlike their raw/unwashed counterpart. Condition: 8/10 - please refer to the photos for condition. no rips or holes just regular wear. wrinkles due to tight storage. Description: - A.P.C. light wash jeans, perfect color for spring and summer. - Signature A.P.C. denim hardware. - New Standard fit I believe as there's no tag indication but from experience of the brand they feel like NS. Please add US$ 15 for worldwide shipping (Based in HK)
Drake's been wearing RG for a while.................
A lot of Chinese manufacturers already do the same sole 3-4 years ago but I can't speak on the quality since I saw them on display only at trade shows. They can do oem as well but again I did not ask about MOQ and what not. Maybe the italian rubbers more durable lol ?
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