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Funny you should ask because I just checked my SM300 an couple of weeks ago. It runs about +8 at the moment so it's a bit out but it's due for a service so that may improve. It doesn't really bother me since I change my watch every day and don't use a winder so I always have to set it before wearing it anyway.
Not sure if anyone's mentioned it yet but you could always look out for a Watchco SM300 instead of vintage. Essentially a vintage movement inside a new (not NOS but genuine Omega) case / dial. Fully recognised by Omega for servicing etc and you essentially get the same look as the vintage SM300 but in a brand new watch. I have 10 vintage Omegas including the classics (Pie Pan Connie, Speedie, early bumper etc) but my SM300 is by far my favourite, just such a classic...
Quote: Originally Posted by pandamonium Satan. I had no idea Beck made his own clothes
I have to say, although I've bought PS from Kent, am very happy with them and will order coloured squares from him again, I reckon you can't go wrong with getting plain white linen squares from a needlecraft store. The ones I get are a lot smaller than other squares because I'm a dwarf but the shop does bigger ones in similar proportions to what you see sold elsewhere. They cost me about $12 Aussie (approx $8 US)
Quote: Originally Posted by AvariceBespoke Will do. How would you describe this suit shoulder? Blurry
I had a very similar problem with a bespoke jacket that I was unhappy with. It was sorted out by another tailor by recutting a longer collar. The short collar was pulling the front of the jacket up causing the shoulders and back to look tight. He said that the majority of issues he sees are caused by the collar and after he cut a new collar (luckily I had some cloth left) the jacket moved towards the front of my body resolving the vent issue, shoulders and the...
Quote: Originally Posted by embowafa PINTS of scotch?? Holy crap. Was it at least some good scotch? In all honesty, I'm not too sure. Given the quality of the pub I'd say no.
Unfortunately I voted yes. I used to do a quiz night with workmates after work once a week. We always won and the prize was free drink vouchers. After a couple of months we'd accrued a ridiculous amount of tokens and somebody had the bright idea of spending them all on PINTS of scotch. I woke up fully dressed in my suit except minus one shoe. Couldn't find it anywhere until I went to the toilet and found it sitting submerged in the bowl. I didn't feel very well...
Latest addition to my Omega collection - 1966 Constellation C (cal 564);
Quote: Originally Posted by tomee well i made a decision this weekend and the fiance got me this Deville hour vision Beautiful watch.
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