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Looks like every blucher ever, try allen edmonds
I'll go a complete 180. The older I get the more I prefer classic nice fitting, nothing extraneous. As boring as it is I'd go Tom Cruise for walkin around clothes, and Chris Pine for gettin fancy clothes. They both have a great sprezzatura about them tom chris
hah reggs of tw fame you still post here funny
I have a pair of rainbow flyknits and the black edge around the shoe just above the sole has completely scuffed off on the toe from wear and tear. Anyone have a good solution for re-blacking rubber? Super annoying.
I have I've lurked this forum forever, I started with raws I think 8 or so years ago, maybe more? I have a bunch of pairs of dior 21s that are in various states of faded to near white and full of holes to barely whiskered, some old studio d'artisans and samurais. I haven't bought a pair of raws for 4 years maybe? After worn out on raws I switched to earnest sewn, and a few other brands but kept blowing the crotch out of 100% cotton way to fast. I recently switched to...
Good tip thanks. Since I switched deodorants I haven't had that problem in a few years, I can't speak highly enough of the m+g
I use malin+goetz deodorant. It's eucalyptus and citronella based, leaves no marks on shirts (I used to have a white/yellow arm pit staining problem from aluminum deodorants) and it's the only non aluminum deodorant that l get no BO from. Toms isn't bad, but doesn't come close to the performance of the M+G
Sounds worthwhile, I've been meaning to do their testing for years, maybe this will finally be the year
I no longer buy from everlane, as the poster a few up said everything they make is just slightly wrong. Id be amazed if the bomber didn't have one show stopping problem with it
Just used the face wash, moisturizer, eye serum, and lip balm for the first time. Overall I'm very impressed and happy so far Wash- as predicted only a small amount spreads across your entire face and then some, you can get away with less than a pea size amount, I don't know how I'll ever use this entire container. The smell and feeling are wonderful, my skin felt fresh and ready to go. The scent is something that I can't place from my childhood, if I had to pick a word...
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