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Greetings all. I haven't been around here in a very long time. I decided to stop by and see how things are getting on. All I can see for the first few pages are threads that are years old and hundreds of pages long. I know repeatedly answering the same questions was annoying to some members back in the day, but the way things look now it would seem that the conversation as a whole has grown stale with no new threads. Am I perhaps missing something, or have things just...
Well, I have analyzed the lack of response here and drawn some conclusions: (1a) Regardless of my situation, I should just keep lurking until I feel inspired. (1b) My thread started here is just way too premature. I am eager to get back into the midst of things, but I just don't have much to contribute at the moment. (2) It is possible I still belong over on MC, but just more on the casual side of things -- rather than switching over to SW&D. (3) This was just a...
Hi all. Long time SFer from the other side of the fence in Men's Clothing. I apologize in advance for the rambling. Since I was a kid, I was always an admirer of higher end men's wear. In high school, I was already working in professional fields, and I eventually moved into an executive position. All the while, my passion for men's clothing played wonderfully with the attire I wore with my positions and in my regular life as well. I was usually adorned in a suit six...
As I wear a suit 6 days out of 7, my suits get very frequent usage -- even with as many as I have. Sealing them up is just not practical. Perhaps if I had 2-3 suits that got worn 2-3 times per year, I would go that route for preservation's sake. To me, it would just be an extra 60 seconds in the morning and at night that I don't feel like wasting. Plus, I like being able to see the colors and patterns from afar.....man. Hanger Project was tempting for me, but...
Quote: Originally Posted by jaychiz your mental image of a blazer is far too diluted you realize they make blazers out of just about every material possible right? there are more than just mad men Haha, well put and point taken. I can see this then. All I had in mind is...well...you already said that.
I know I really don't belong over on this forum , but I had to throw in my $0.02. IMHO if you feel the need to wear a blazer, why feel the need for jeans? It just feels like the same concept behind the mullet: combining refined business with partay -- does not stand the test of time.
Quote: Originally Posted by eric glennie The rise or fall documentary!! Do I smell a Style Forum sponsorship???? Could be time to take this baby public. I smell IPO! Boy, I haven't heard that term in a while. Do you have any claim to intellectual property with this stuff? It's tough to patent a clothing design, I would imagine, but it could be crucial if you are going to be in the spotlight at a trade show.
Rubberband, rubberband, rubberband! Wrap your currency longwise around your cards/ID, slap a rubberband around the whole pack, and voila: the slimmest way to carry. Also, only carry hundred dollar bills to save space.
Quote: Originally Posted by fcuknu Morning dress is casual Indeed; had he said formal, I am sure we would have leapt to the mandates of the frock coat or -- if more serious -- pre-Bastille French court dress.
Quote: Originally Posted by robin It's a secret code for the fora Illuminati. Yeah, kind of like fnord. You hear it and your mind automatically goes into hypnotic state for a split second.
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