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A little social event I went to, I met it with this. Enjoy!
Well this was kinda last night, but it's close! Couldnt get a good pic of head, bad lighting and no photographer xD Here is bottom though! and please pardon the dirty mirror. i swear i keep cleaning it, but it dirties itself!
Quote: Originally Posted by Souper dude bumps it everyday. Its his ongoing blog about him buying levis, and soon AA, and then he'll probably cop some APC or nudie eventually and post pics and see if they fit. We're already at the spam that says to size down 2, so we're not far off. No I dont think Ill get into those brands, I usually wear shorts with patterns and such. Ive seen some of those brands and they have nice jeans, though I'm not...
Quote: Originally Posted by cldpsu Thanks bbaq. Yes Sheep, you need a 28 or 29 and you need a snuf fit in the waist. You need to think of wearing jeans as being initially uncomfortable. Comfort and fit comes later. Once you've worn enough jeans, you have an understanding of what something will look post stretch. Trust me that those 514's won't be the same. If you're a natural 30 and you bought 30's, you'll be swimming in them. A good rule of thumb is to...
Quote: Originally Posted by bbaquiran ^ I agree with cldpsu that you could size down on the 514 to a 28. I'll check it out next time I go to the mall. Probably tomorrow, depending on the circumstances.
@ cldpsu I really like this pair and they fit comfortably. Theyre not loose or anything and I don't even need a belt to keep them in place, like many OTHER pants/shorts I have. So if I do end up keeping these, they will expand to a point where they are much too loose? I really like the look of this particular pair and there are no sizes smaller than 30x30. Though if the fit will disappear after some use, then I'd rather return them than have to deal with that.
Quote: Originally Posted by cldpsu sheep, pull the waistline out from your waist and fold it. Measure it and tell me how much length there is. Whatever the distance is multiply by two since it's folded. Bet you it's 2 It's just about two, maybe a little more or less. Its hard to tell though because it's like resisting being folded. It's pretty tight. I dont know if I did it correctly.
Quote: Originally Posted by vassago 30 x 34 will be waist ( when the jeans are laid flat) and 34 is the length...usually levis is either 32 or 34..get longer length for stacking, otherwise if u feel it is too long, u can cuff them or hem them.. get some APC new standards instead..whatever sized jeans u are wearing nw, size down 2 for a slim cut APC fit that will at least get u some positive comments...APC denim stretches anyway...if unsure, read the...
Quote: Originally Posted by vassago why dont u just go to a store and TRY OUT your sizes?? Beats getting sizing inputs here as every brand's sizing differs with individual body types. I just want to know what Im looking for to cut some time out looking for the ideal size. What I wanted to know for like Levi's size it's [waist x length]? so 30x34 would be fine? I dont know what the numbers mean and that's what I was asking.
Quote: Originally Posted by bbaquiran Here's a measurement guide from GetSmart's blog: http://thickasthievesla.blogspot.com...ure-guide.html Here it is, every measurement on that picture. Thanks. Neck Base - 13 in around Shoulders - looks like 10 in Stomach - 25 in around Waist - 30 in around Hips - 32 in around Thigh - 18 in around My shirts would be a small, correct? That's what I usually get. And what size Levi's would this be?
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