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Quote: Originally Posted by Wes Bourne This is nice. Does it take 18mm or 20mm straps? Seiko Military watches are awesome. Sure I own more expensive watches but I always tend to wear my two Seiko Militaries I have the olive green version of this watch and have been wearing it almost daily since I got it about a year ago I agree with Mr.K its a little small, but dam its so comfortable and clean looking. There's actually an upgraded...
I finally got around to replacing the bracelet on my humble seiko 5 with a leather strap from the local watch dealer, I think it looks much better
Thanks to this thread I bought my first Seiko three months ago. I was so impressed with its price and quality I bought two more I got the Seiko 5 sports first to be a daily workhorse at the office I've always wanted a simple white faced watch so I got this, I plan to replace the straps with black leather with white stitching: I couldn't resist and got another one. a Seiko 5 military in green, by far my favourite watch. It gets worn the most because I love the face...
Quote: Originally Posted by Homme ^ You must go to fitness first Not fitness first. I wouldnt mind joining one day actually Just wish this one guy would free up the equipment by taking his stuff with him as he moves along, and wait like the rest of us if he needs to go back to it. it doesnt help that its a small gym too
Theres a guy at my work gym that uses three or four pieces of equipment and does one set on each, rotating around. he leaves his stuff on the equipment he uses to mark it and its always awkward asking if I can use it. When I see him walking around at work, I just want to pop him in the face.
I've actually seen someone do this at a meeting at work on Monday. Although it looks quite normal, like a regular barrel cuff, I couldn't stop looking and thinking about how funny it was, because its obvious it was his first french cuff shirt. He was 45+ so I thought it wouldn't mention it because he was older than me and didnt want to have an awkward moment afterwards lol, but i hope he gets it right next time.
Seeing how people dress at work is something I've noticed more since I joined SF at the start of this year. I'm in IT infrastructure - working with various design and construction teams. Generally its pretty good, but nowhere near the SF standards of the guys in WAYWT For example, I'd say 80% of the guys wear mall shoes - ie rubber soled average black leather shoe, and usually well maintained. Shirt and tie is the norm, with only the top managers wearing suits About a...
Givenchy Very Irresistible - for men, almost daily. Fresh, and none of the sweet aroma that female scents have
Quote: Originally Posted by rjmaiorano On a Concept II on level 5 or so will be equivalent to the resistance of water, if not a bit. There is no reason to be pulling on a ten resistance unless your strokes per min is at like ten and you are really working on leg drive/form. Try your next 2k on a 5 resistance and pull a little harder, the workout should actually be harder. ...My coaches wouldn't even let the 6'6'' 230lb beasts on my team pull on...
I enjoy my rowing routine in the gym, and do it once or twice a week Its true thats its an extremely tiring workout, i get really short of breath afterwards I do 2km's in 8:45 minutes on the highest resistance. after this I'm completely buggered. Personally its a great way for me to gauge my fitness, if I need to take a break during my row i know I'm slipping or having a bad week. If I can manage my 2km's in my normal time, its a great feeling
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