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Wiser 18. This, and Wiser Legacy were my favorite drinks this summer. Have gone through several bottles of each. I've found that it's true for me, that peaty scotch isn't that interesting in the hot weather (even sitting in an air conditioned room).
Do people wear leather ties? I don't recall ever having seen it done.
At one point, I got tired of eating meat sandwiches, pizza, take-out and restaurants. For about 2 months, packed PB&J almost every day. Eventually got tired of it, but saved a ton of money and it was easy to make, easy to carry, and easy to store at work. Also, didn't have to stand around the lone microwave on the floor with a bunch of other people waiting with their tupperware lunches... or worry about some clown stealing my lunch from the lone fridge on the floor.
These were new when you got them? The sole has the look of the after effects of wearing in the rain or walking on wet ground, but the stitching seems problematic after only 7 wears - not sure how you managed to do that - rough terrain? I think it'll hold up structurally, but if you don't like the appearance, you could have your cobbler attach a vibram/topy.
Forty Creek Barrel Select. While it's ok, probably won't be getting another bottle. As far as Canadian whisky, I guess I was expecting it to be on the level of the Confederation Oak Reserve or the Double Barrel, both of which are excellent and can hold their own against Wiser's 18 & Legacy, but it's not. It's closer to, but better than, regular Canadian Club. A good entry point for Canadian whisky, but not my cup of tea. A little too much of the typical Canadian whisky...
Tomintoul 27 and after some nasty period of adjustment, Van Winkle Lot B. Note to self: do not mix scotch & bourbon in the same night.
I think that moving in with a gf is a big deal - I see it as the step before marriage. If you're not ready for that, why do it? If she's the one, then it's like a trial period before marriage, to make sure nothing odd turns up. However, I don't understand people who move in together but then don't seem to move forward. Why live with someone you're sleeping with every night for 5-10+ years if you're not going to marry them?
Quote: Originally Posted by Annadale You are being disingenuous here. .... So get off my case buddy, and think the 'processing' through before pressing the send button. First, I don't know why you think I'm on your case. I even started by saying you're entitled to your preferences, and I clearly stated my preferences. Second, you shouldn't use words you don't understand. There's nothing disingenuous in what I said, nor did I imply...
It's probably a trick. Most dumb down their game. That's how they get you to feel superior. It works on most men. Wait 'til the hammer.
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