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Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH Why is it that when somebody asks a question on here all of these n00bz come out of the woodwork with the worst advice ever? Because those who know better are tired of answering the same questions repeatedly?
Quote: Originally Posted by tgt465 Black captoe is appropriate for a formal wedding. Wingtip is not appropriate, unless it is a casual event. Quote: I can't comment on the comfort of Cole Haan, but you could try Rockport if you really feel comfort is an issue. Generally dress shoes are not going to be as comfortable as sneakers, maybe your expectations are too high. Quote: Originally Posted by...
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger [[SPOILER]] I like all of this Rob except the shirt/tie combo. Maybe a white TV fold would have done it, or perhaps a more soporific tie to complement the explosive PS.
Quote: Originally Posted by Thin White Duke ^^ [[SPOILER]] This isn't doing it for me. Unbutton the top button. Breast pocket seems really high too. Trousers too dark (navy/black?), tie too strange. The elements seem dischordant. Quote: Originally Posted by TTO [[SPOILER]] Effing A. Nailed it. Quote: Originally Posted by MBreinin [[SPOILER]] GD nice coat, Mike.
^Specifically? The suit fabric?
Bad fluorescent lighting. Pics 3&4 are closest to actual color.
Pushing the boundaries of CBD today.
Pushing the boundaries of CBD today. Maybe a little too far?
Quote: Originally Posted by Navi No. There's too much going on between the pocket square and the tie. While I understand the concept you're going for, the execution simply doesn't work. A plain navy tie would've worked, as would have a white pocket square. But together, it's simply too much.
I don't. Sand suede looks better beat up.
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