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Olive and maroon aren't good colors together. Olive and navy, sure. But maroon?
I expect that some may not like this Kent Wang PS. In other news, seeking a PS with a bottle green field. Any recommendations?
This coat is a disaster. The shoulders are too wide, the coat is too small around the midsection, and it's about 1-1.5" too short, both in sleeves and body.Pants look like they don't fit right in the seat.
Can olive be in good taste? Can this Rooster tie be in good taste?
That's a good question. This is a pre-2001 tie, so it was merely lining the pockets of the companies that mass-produce cheap polyester tourist keepsakes.
No argument.
Fair enough.Many folks wear "never forget" t-shirts today — this is as close to that as I can get.I'm not a fan of "never forget", but rather "always remember."
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