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My tie is awesome.
Agreed, Spoo. If that coat didn't have that overcheck, it'd be stellar. As it is, eh.Please do me a favor. Gather up all your color laces. Douse them in lighter fluid. Apply flame.Those shoes look like they might not fit you properly.Today:
I'll disagree with Spoo. I like this silhouette, though the shoes should be a bit darker. The pants may benefit from some additional length as well, but the shortness might be an illusion caused by your stance.I post an arm's length phone photo because it's that or nothing. I don't have the time or patience to do the timer shot, retake, edit, repeat, anymore.Here's my selectively cropped, over-processed photo of the day —
mimo "Really nice. But what's going on with the shoulders?" Padded Southwick American shoulders and holding up the camera.
I've decided colored laces just aren't appropriate with a suit.
Stitches, ^ this does not work to my eyes. Too many competing elements.
It's been said before, but in the US, the most influential player is Brooks.
Oxxford DB. CT shirt. Trafalgar tie. I am going to get shit for this tie from gdl and Manton.
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