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Magic.This should be right up your alley.
^is that an orphaned suit coat?
Probably Ralph Lauren.Better question: why is that coffee shop's window lettering in what appears to be comic sans?
I'm sorry, I guess I should take more time out of my day to post photos of myself on the internet for other men to criticize. My sincere apologies. Besides, I wear a sack suit virtually everyday. I have no desire to hear people complain about it.You know, next time I'm late to court, I'll tell the judge: "Im sorry, your honor, but I had to find the perfect location, lighting, etc., to take a full-body shot of my outfit so I could upload it to the internet today to satisfy...
Center vent is just fine, and I say this as a man with ample ass.I've already filed a John Doe complaint and served pre-complaint discovery subpoenas on SF.I own several Brooks suits (Regent, Madison, BB No 1 Sack) and not a one of them has low arm holes.Today, West Surrey Regimental. Colors are slightly more muted IRL.
If you tell me my tie is too narrow for my lapels, I don't care.
This coat is a bit snug in the chest.
An oldie but goodie — Chester Barrie.
An oldie but goodie — Chester Barrie.
I think this would have looked better with a light blue shirt, but I prefer to err on the side of a white shirt on days when I'm in court/administrative hearings.
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