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i use a DE razor and aveeno oatmeal shaving gel. no razor burn and i actually enjoy shaving now. i will be getting a brush and good shaving soap when i can afford it, but what i have seems to work for now.
contest sams.... 3 weeks... nice blue coming thru... mad button fly atari (thanks jj, canice, beatle, and all my other lovely ladies from the future )
got a pair of these and a pair of rrl bucklebacks... cant find any pics online of them so ill take some when i get a chance... hardwashed, which i dont usually like, but the wash is well done and the details on the jeans are amazing. construction is better than samurai.... got the jeans and shoes for 20$ each...
so.... back to the steezy ghetto... umm... what can we talk about to make this feel like the future? hmm... my newest second favorite jeans are pre distressed and baggy, with a fucking huge rise...
hmm... i cant get on the future. database error.
they wont shrink.... at least not enough... id sell em and get another pair that fits, just make sure you have true measurements because the made in japan rrl are oversized
hell no i dont wear those... the guy just wanted jeans to show off his shit.
Yuengling if i am really broke, its mickeys quarts for 1.17$
nudies slim kim
those are mid 80s 505s. decent jeans... really stiff.
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