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aa briefs(which the girls love), or polo custom cotton boxer briefs.
mil polo sam nike
vintage grandslam sam lloyd and haig
aa sam nike sophie
Quote: Originally Posted by Wade M I'm sure that cheapmutha works for a modeling agency/clothing line. The photos are just that bit too pro shot. Too frequent to be just a causal poster per the photos. I wonder if there's a hidden adenda to through the marketing/posting to sell me crazy, i can deal :P --Wade well... besides ande whall i just take the photos for fun, by myself with a self timer. i wish i worked for a...
i wear them with my belt going directly across my hip bone. no higher.
hangover schott nippon sam gokey
word.... they are slimmer than the 47, and at a 30w they have a 20cm hem
grandpa waiting for tires on my truck look mil chateau roux thrift belt sam nike oh... is it just me or does it seem strange to hear minor threat in any bar...
biggest difference is the fabric... the edo ai, hawaii, et al, are made from a 50% cotton/50% sugarcane denim. alot of them have natural plant derived indigo also.
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