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samurai... especially the lee style. actually, all the lee style ive seen i like... canes, sams, and evisu... evisu was really nice... lazy s hand painted, but about `1/4 as thick as the gull.
tg samurai v (click for pic)
i have the image shack toolbar on my browser.... click on a button and you can upload and resize as many pics as you like.
last night, dont feel like on for today, tho maybe later on... vintage stetson cmf homme AI rokara waxed vintage nike
supreme moderator?? can you hook me up with a box tee?
loopwheeler tee- japan cmf homme jeans- usa jcrew socks- china(?) clarks- slovakia
superwheeler cmf homme... sometimes i forget i have the PERFECT tapered jeans.... clarks
i see, disgusting agusto, diddy, and fok raw three way action
so i guess the solution to how to pull off a denim jacket with jeans is: be diddy or cheap.
thought id throw up another pic of a denim jacket w/ jeans that i felt worked. i could be wrong, but i like it.
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