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what can i say... thanks to all ... and my girl brings out the best in me.
thanks guys... its my favorite of mine ever. the jacket is actually my most beautiful piece of clothing... a 4$ vintage YSL blazer!
not today, but tuesday night for dinner, drinks, and party for my girls birthday.
i coudnt do it... but i think im about to try, as my girlfriend is moving to brooklyn at the begining of june. of course, its not long term yet, were just both hoping for that. and there has been physical intamacy already... and there will be much much much more everyday until she leaves.
you know... the more i hear it, the more i feel the same way.
Quote: Originally Posted by digital_denim digital_denim has a reperectiondigital_denim has a reperection \t hahahaha
Quote: Originally Posted by Rye GB On hold!. I have another brand that had a storming 2006. So I'm putting my time were the money is. Premium is fun to work on but makes shit money, especially in it's infancy. The jeans I'm wearing will retail for around $95, this is were the market is most receptive and the qualities great. I got these back from the laundry yesterday so I'm in product testing mode right now. waxed jeans for under 100$??? ...
so rye... is rokara no more? new jeans look good.
vintage grandslam samurai nike
thats it... im changing my name to wu-dini...
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