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but i thought the studies that showed that were focused on hormone replacement during menopause, not birth control.
i tuck in the leg of my jeans and walk around proudly showing it off.
use it to your advantage. go out with girls who wouldnt date you under the premise of being gay, get drunk with them, and tell them youd like to see what a girl is like in bed.
Quote: Originally Posted by mizanation thanks, man. mags are much more comfortable and less painful to put on. exactly. they are still tight, but not as tight. im more of a monogamous/get her the pill kinda guy tho.
if im gonna wear one, i use magnums.
half an hour on your hair? wow. ive spent half an hour on mine over tha past 9 months.
id let it grow another 5 inches and then see how it looks. my hair is shitty at 2 1/2", but at the length now its great
the hip jeans, of downtown, are no loger hip when, they are talked about. nudie, i would say, are hip, as in jacksonville, they have started selling. once it comes here, hipness is true.
i think the fit on them is great... the only thing i like actually. its enough for me to love them
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