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jb... there is hope for you. when i was 16 i had only kissed a girl one or two times, and nothing beyond that. didnt get laid till a couple weeks before i graduated highschool, and that was the only time before i turned 18. now, women melt in my presence. hopefully you will grow into some confidence, and then you wont have any problems. and also, once youre out of highschool, the gay rumors wont mean anything. its much easier to get laid once youre out of that...
im in double digits... not exactly sure but somwhere between 15 an 20
Quote: Originally Posted by Bona Drag What? What jeans are those? ande muthafuggin whall
hey now... i had relations last night with a girl... a pretty one at that.
Note- this is NOT by any means meant to bash manly people. I have absolutely no problem with them, they are people too, but my situation is making girls shun away from me, which, as a hipster male, is something I don't want It seems as though the rumor has been passing through the hood I live in that I am manly. Apparently I dress manly, act manly, and do manly stuff. On a normal day I wear jean, nikes, and a tee shirt (with stain), just FYI. Now I thought it had been...
Quote: Originally Posted by Saucemaster Jesus CHRIST this one's hard. In any one of the other contests, any one of those would have taken the whole damn thing. Your outfit looks like you *did* invest a couple grand. I think you've run into one hell of a monster fit from Get Smart, though. I am still deciding. Candidates, feel free to make arguments to sway my vote. do i get points for my entire outfit costing me less than 30$?
you could post the picture of us 69ing on the walls of your school... that should show em. call me.
im now convinced i will never win this until i have a couple grand to invest in clothes. fuck it... i did my best.
dress like me... i never get mistaken for gay.
ive been realy unimpressed with all the crate jeans ive handled... and if this is really vintage cone mills denim(probably levis) then the denim quality is not going to compare to the japanese brands we talk about on here.
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