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well bobo... im hear to learn and be dressed by the internetsyeah, pretty much.
well... umm.... the hat is probably from the 80s, made in the usa. the jacket is old made in the usa polo... the tee is just a shitty photo tee from supreme, the jeans are japanese made evisu that look to be worn about 10 years, and the shoes are just cheapo NB.i think it looks cool... but what the fuck do i know?
a deadbeat dad? not EXACTLY the look i was going for, but ok.lifestyle pics would be a bit boring... its mostly hanging out at home with my wife and kids these days.
havent posted a fit on here in... i dont know... 5 years... so heres some recent ones. vintage.polo.supreme.evisu.nb vintage.vintage.levis red.90s nike
been finding ballantyne cashmere sweaters lately at the local thrift... got one for me and one for my father in law for 16 total. some other cool things lately too... ill post some pics soon.
so, to the op, you think 60$ for redline or big e levis is too much? find me some cheaper(and not in thrift stores because they dont ever reach the floor)and ill buy them.
jacksonville fl has some gems... ive found amazing pieces for very cheap. avoid salvo and goodwill. large independent are the best.
ed, youre just jealous i couldnt get it up for you. it wasnt the coke tho... it was you. i lied before to try to spare your feelings.
ahh... thats why i stay away... but for the op... get some viagra.
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