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ronnel is from LA. pinoy i think.
talking shit to ronnel is like making fun of a retarded kid... sure, its easy, but it wont accomplish anything because they dont have the mental capacity to understand why youre saying what you are.
i personally, for the first wash, hand wash in hot water in the tub. i use some dr bronners(mint is nice) and work it thru the jeans. then i piss in the tub and let it soak for one hour. the urea in your piss helps prevent indigo loss... its used in the production of natrual indigo, and is good to help reset the dye. then i rinse till the water coming off the jeans is clear, and hang dry outside. ive had amazing results with this method. after the first wash, you can...
vintage vintage lvc vintage
lifestyle shot
it shouldnt shrink too much, but it will keep shrinking minimally for the next 5-6 washes. if you can wear em the way they are, id just do that, but another hot soak wont effect the indigo very much. i just got a pair of 66 501s... having the opposite problem... hopefully they dont shrink much more or ill have to give em to my wife or son... they do look great sized down tho.
my wife has asked me to post her fits on sufu before... she thinks internet clothing forums are awesome.
finally found my password for this place. ill never get sick of sufu... ill never get honest feedback on fits either.
did you miss me? im a fat fuck
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