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what size are they? repairs are easy, and the fades look good.
thats a yohji suit right?
this is an old pickup, but probably the best deal ive ever found thrifting... h. huntsman and sons for barneys... i paid 5$
love mine... made in ireland.
i saw some dude walking down the street here in jacksonville with skinny jeans tucked into boots. the look is officially dead now.
you can buy style down the street form the shop selling swag
ron, youd have been better off doing a bunch of molly like youre supposed to when youre at a place full of glowsticks
oh, i forgot about heron. who even does that anymore?
why do you need 2 digi scales? one for coke and one for weed?
ronnel has been doing the same shit for years on other forums. he doesnt understand that it is always distasteful to boast about wealh, no matter what the situation is.
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