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i have one of their shirts... love it. only paid $5 for it new at a thrift store tho...
id suggest the subterraneans by kerouac.
they have been redesigning the cuts of 505s and 501s for years. its something you have to either deal with or find a replacement. id try lvc 1967 505s... they are are cut kind of slim, but look like a 505.
you can get them without the gulls on the back pockets... good luck on finding something... maybe you should try lvc 1955.
evisu 2001 has a 32.25cm rise in size 34... thats a little over 12.5 inches.
sda 101 should also fit what youre looking for. not sure about a samurai model... you know you can always go to blue in green or selfedge websites and check measurements.
evisu 2001 no1 specials. warehouse 1000xx. sugarcane 1947, 1955, 1966. fullcount 0105. lots more, but those are my favorites.
I found a really nice vintage suit a while back, but the sleeves are a bit too long, and it has working buttons. can a tailor shorten them for me and still keep the working buttons?
because hedi said it was cool to stack your jeans.
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