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Cerneabbas, I agree with the point you made - several pages ago - about a Loake longwing of 1880 quality, in brown options, with a Dainite sole. It is a price point that I would be very interested in. Lose the the join on the inside of the shoe as well. I wore my burgundy Royals today and they looked very good; but I would prefer calf leather and to then put the shine on by polishing them myself.
The Sherwoods look ok. Good price too £230.
Thanks. Lobb used to charge around £240 a few years ago. I think the companies all raised prices to deter the people who buy seconds and put them straight onto eBay. Those wholecuts have far too many lace holes. Six is my absolute limit for shoes. I have the Hoggs of Fife veldtschoen but I did not know who made them. Never cared much for Barker. I remember when they had shoe shops on the High Street.
E.G. Dover is the usual favourite. Uppers sewn with a pigs bristle and all that. I would take another makers in a similar style, with a Dainite sole, but they mostly have too much going on at the side of the shoe.
Tell us more about the Cheaney shop. I know the factory shops in Northampton town - except for Edward Green which used to be by appointment. Got a nice pair of black oxfords from the Church shop very handy for the railway station. Several from Trickers who had a great man running their shop and also lucky enough to get a pair of Lobb chapels which are the best part of a grand new (silly money). Subsequent visits to Lobb it was always small sizes and loafers which Lobb are...
^ No sign of a Loake-type join on the inside of those Stepneys.
Sargent Stepney do look nice. They may not have a join on the inside like Loakes - which would be an improvement. If I saw them in a sale I would consider them. Cheaney make some nice boots and shoes too. I have some but not brogues.
We live in times when people tell me I am 'dressed up' if I wear a sports jacket and a shirt with a collar. It is very easy now to go one better than cargo shorts and a T shirt.So I would say what others wear is hugely important. Hence the relevance of the 60s context discussion.What was that phrase about looking good in 'difficult circumstances' Nobody cares now. What car you drive seems to be of more interest to most people.
Caveat :- If I did not already own C&J Clifford they would be my ultimate brogue. Ahead of Church's Grafton. They have a Burlington arcade quality feel to them. I have Trickers plain caps in cordovan but I am not convinced cordovan is better than calf. It certainly costs more, but it does not do enough for me. I also have Trickers Adelaide which has broguing but is in their city shoe range, so it does not look...
1 Hoggs of Fife scotch grain Kenmore with Dainite sole. Basically a rebadged Loake (the joint on the inside is the giveaway). Much lighter than the Royals with double leather sole. Also not as stiff. Scotch grain dresses down better than shiny burgundy. So it gets more use by me than a standard Royal.2 Crockett and Jones Clifford handgrade. Sleek with very clean broguing detail. Antique tan. Not at all agricultural like most Trickers.3 Possibly Church's Grafton in walnut...
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