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Hoggs of Fife have a Loake pebble grain long wing under their own brand. You can tell it is Loake from the join on the inside.https://www.fifecountry.co.uk/footwear/mens/british-handmade-shoes/kenmore-longwing-brogue-4155
Me too. Argyle sweater.But I have the Woolovers Nordic and it is true to size and has lasted well over the years.
That is known as a Nordic sweater and is part of the Ivy thing. Woolovers do nice ones.
MYes. I had one. Jumpers are not really much use for skiing nowadays though. Thinner thermal layers are the name of the game. I also remember those bright multi-colour Nevica ski jackets in parrot plumage tones.
Yes I have a jacket. It is well cut but it is in a tweed that is not at all "skinhead".You need to be aware that Cordings suits have a button fly. Mostly business cloths apart from Prince of Wales check.
That pub again. Very good pies.Preppie now seems to cover slim fit stuff, skimpy suits etc.The stuff overlaps and takes cues from earlier Anglo American clobber but I am not sure it has any special merit. Preppie is supposed to be for youngsters anyway. So that would limit its target market.The " muffy " blog you mention is social climbing for an American audience.Who wears Barbours in the UK? The large UK market of the 80s lost interest along with green wellies. They are...
1968 soul Motown1969 reggae1970 James brown. Think he played Albert hall 70 or 71.A simplification obviously.Commercial ballrooms( top rank etc) tried to play as little black music as possible. They probably thought it would attract the wrong type of customers.
A slight tangent, but that is not a bad pub. Decent beers and the food is upmarket pies. The Eleanor Arms nearby in Bow is not bad either.
Continental men may have first carried bags in the days of tight trousers, but they were usually regarded as Nancy boys by people in the UK. I am still not sure that there is a need for a mans handbag for a comb, lighter, spectacles etc. Pockets cover that function. A sports bag will carry more. Otherwise an army kit bag in black is cheap and functional. http://www.thearmystore.co.uk/acatalog/Proforce-Cargo-65-Litre-Holdall.html
I have carried various bags for work, but I always felt a sense of freedom when I abandoned them and carried no more than a newspaper. All the gear mentioned above can go in a pocket. Another pal always has Private Eye stuffed in his jacket pocket.I notice, in summer, a fisherman's/photographer's vest is popular with a certain section of the community - older, retired chaps mainly. Not a good look but practical and they don't give a ****. The big belly probably looks worse.
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