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Crombie were a cloth maker and not all their cloths were formal navy, grey and black. You could get a herringbone Crombie cloth in a raglan sleeve coat for a less formal look. For example @ £25 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mens-100-wool-Genuine-Crombie-for-Dunn-Co-in-herringbone-tweed-46-chest-/231486412863?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item35e5aa583f Something similar with a raglan sleeve would not be too formal. Magee Donegal tweed would work too.
I could always wear my Crombie over the mohair suit back in the day. They have now slipped out of the mainstream. I could get great coats from department stores but ended up buying a Crombie from the Crombie shop when nothing else was available. West End shops had Jose Mourinho-style Armani coats that were outrageously expensive, so it softened me up for the cost of the Crombie in a sale. You can get decent overcoats on eBay. Nobody wears a coat nowadays; they just get...
Problem with three piece suits at the lower end of the market is that the waistcoat will be skimpy and the trousers low rise so the waistband and possibly some shirt will be exposed. Solution is to use a traditional tailor like Ede and Ravenscroft but it might be too sober for some. Braces might show through a light sweater. Thurston button braces would be my preference over clip ons.
Not sure that a car coat is the only practical garment length. If you want to wear it driving a car maybe. I see lots of people with no cover for their legs against rain and cold. I am not sure that is practical. Thermals might protect against cold but even so... A coat that closes all the way up to the neck appeals, but I do not see why it has to be short also. Before anyone else mentions it, I am not advocating an Arsene Wenger style long quilted job either.
A tweed hunting shooting jacket might do the trick as well. You would need to be comfortable about being linked to the green welly brigade though.
Agreed. You have to be a certain age to understand this though. Otherwise people just look at you and wonder what you are complaining about.I genuinely believe car coats are unredeemable.Lots of outer garments are simple too short. Sh*t rain coats etc. Rally coats were another manifestation and begat the dreadful, quilted polyester garments that aspire to be country kit. To me,it is grannies' dressing gown material. Pea coats are no use to me. Too boxy.The good old...
I would ask Hoggs directly. They might be a design they get made for themselves that the manufacturers do not offer in their own ranges. As regards tan, you may find there are fewer opportunities to wear that colour than a darker shade. Looks good in photos though.
I have a couple of pairs. Their Kenmore brogues which are Loakes and their veldtschoen shoes. Both are sound quality. Hoggs do not make their own shoes. I think they just take a lower margin than some other retailers.
I have used that Camden Town place above when it was called KG for Topy. They are fine. Cash only.
I am sure you are well able to cope and this is a rhetorical question - the sort of thing you see on William Wardrobe's blog.It can blow hot and cold in the course of many days and you either have extra layers or tough it out. The danger is buying more gear for so-called transitional days. Not something a minimalist would do.The other question is the whole notion of a Look. I know you are not suggesting some sort of tribal uniform but it may come across like that. I think...
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