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I have used that Camden Town place above when it was called KG for Topy. They are fine. Cash only.
I am sure you are well able to cope and this is a rhetorical question - the sort of thing you see on William Wardrobe's blog.It can blow hot and cold in the course of many days and you either have extra layers or tough it out. The danger is buying more gear for so-called transitional days. Not something a minimalist would do.The other question is the whole notion of a Look. I know you are not suggesting some sort of tribal uniform but it may come across like that. I think...
I have the Hoggs shoe version veldtschoen. I do not think it is Cheaney as it is dark Zug leather rather than the redder country grain on Cheaney veldtschoen. Toe box is more round than Cheaney. I have M & S veldtschoen boot, which I believe is Cheaney, for comparison. I do not care for the speed hooks on the Hogg boot. In case you have not seen this comparison :- http://loomstate.blogspot.co.uk/2012/02/veldtschoen-variations.html
I got them direct from Sheplers. They do not incur custom fees either because they are that cheap - $21.
Wranglers MWZ13 cowboy cut have a decent rise and a long history. They are also cheap as chips from Sheplers if you do not want to spend a fortune. http://forums.filmnoirbuff.com/viewtopic.php?id=15044&p=1 http://www.sheplers.com/Wrangler-Jeans-13MWZ-Original-Fit-Rigid/5498.pro?parentCategoryId=447&categoryId=210&subCategoryId=211
Only you know if that twenty pounds target will be achieved.I had similar thoughts last year and I have only just got round to getting the belts shortened.You can always get a belt shortened, but you cannot increase its length.
Very useful explanation. I have sent a couple of belts back to Equus for shortening - as a result of a diet rather than miscalculation.I also have a webbing belt which is not Equus. There seems to be less scope for error on a webbing belt, unless it is my imagination.With a leather belt you can also get extra holes punched. Equus holes may be a challenge for a High Street leather repair shop. They can punch round holes but seem to regard the Equus holes as beyond them.
Yes and in even in Central London shit shoes are everywhere. If a man has square toe black shoes you can at least argue he is not wearing tan shoes with a dark suit. I never see half decent shoes outside of shops.I do not subscribe to the brands as indicator philosophy. A man in a logo-free polo shirt can look fine,provided it is tucked in and he is in reasonable shape. You can be well turned out without spending a fortune. Knock off Harrington, Roamers desert boots etc....
Ede and Ravenscroft at Summer sale prices. Or Stanley Ley in Fleet Street.
Maybe delegation was easier when clothing was more conventional? Plain white or blue shirts,of reasonable quality, at a good price for example. With shoes, size was known. Nobody was buying shoes from overseas, so derbies for a high instep and you were sorted. Black shoes of course and lace ups. Despite delegation most men usually looked - at least - OK. Grown men did not wear shorts unless they were playing sports. Everybody had a collar which usually looks better than...
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