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Harris Tweed bucket/fold up hats keep the rain off well if you wear specs and you can stuff them in a pocket. Yes it can be an old geezer item - but I am an old geezer anyway. Russian ushanka very warm in cold weather I don't think I could wear a pork pie hat or trilby. Trying too hard to be cool IMO. I have an Aussie Bush hat bought in Australia but never wear it. Very Terry Pratchett on a Brit. Those long drizabone coats are probably really waterproof but they seem...
I prefer the Eight Bells and the Wheatsheaf just down the road.....Fair play to the ex serviceman though
Lands End flannel shirts at 30% off. Very warm nap on their flannels and I like the two tartans I bought.
Yes Cheaney are veldtschoen. They are not modern technical shoes or boots, but I like having them anyway. Heritage and a retro look without agricultural broguing maybe? Most people would not recognise veldtschoen as such. I have walking boots if I want to do serious walking.
Veldtschoen is a completely different construction method to a standard Goodyear welt. That is why it has the waterproof claimhttp://loomstate.blogspot.co.uk/2012/01/lotus-veldtschoen-guaranteed-waterproof.htmlI have Hoggs veldtschoen shoes in Zug and a Cheaney for M&S boot. (Probably the best footwear Marks ever offered).http://loomstate.blogspot.co.uk/2012/02/veldtschoen-variations.htmlSoles on both are Itshide Commando.
'Classic' was supposed to require boots and braces. I owned neither.There was a crossover with the general population who went to dances, as opposed to the long hair rock followers. Mohair suits etc were more a less a default dance club uniform. Collar and tie was often required in such establishments anyway.There was also a huge difference between those who had access to American gear - usually from Squire and Ivy shops - and others. So effectively Londoners looked down...
Yes. 'Crop' being the operative word. More had scissor cut hair than machined to a number styles. Crops were for smarter types. Machined hair and razor partings were more for gang member types.
I would have to agree with Mr. K., Crombies were worn when I was at school in the late 60s. As he points out, it was a generic term - not brand specific. Velvet collars I did not see. Coats were usually around knee length. Sheepskins were a more expensive item altogether than a generic Crombie. Leaving a coat in cloakroom - even one with attendants - was a fraught experience.
Hoggs of Fife have the Kenmoor which is £210 but currently there is a 20% discount. Scotch grain Dainite sole longwing. Probably made by Loakehttps://www.fifecountry.co.uk/footwear/mens/british-handmade-shoes/kenmore-longwing-brogue-4155
True. My father had a heavy metal last for use on simple home shoe repairs. They were not uncommon back in the day.
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