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I asked at the sales desk by the door and they said no new stock is coming in.Big box of long belts under the desk though I had no interest in belts or shoe trees.
You usually do better Mr. K. Your original mix with old jeans and desert boots was fine. The Silvermans Safari jacket does not double up as a 1970s Roger Moore leisure suit. The other alternative is full Hemingway white hunter mode.
Edge dressing? With the fragrance from the Golden Age of the iGent. To think that Brits used to get by applying a little kiwi or cherry blossom... A bit like women staining their legs when there were no nylons available during the second world war.
Add on UK customs duty for any item over £18. Not so cheap then.
A lot of dye seems to come out of navy colour LE in the wash but it still looks OK. Though I do not have a new unwashed version to compare it with. Logo free is a big bonus. Tailored fit also suits me. It is not slim fit tight but not baggy either. I also have their LE polo neck (or is it roll neck?) for winter wear. It is the type where the collar folds over on itself.
Lands End do great polos too. Supima cotton is a classy finish. Long sleeves have a bit more gravitas. Buy in serious colours and in the sale. Their flannel shirts can also be good. Tailored fit not too blousy. Lovely handle on the cloth. Buy in sale. Unfortunately last years colours were not as good as in previous years. Interested to hear how madras works out. Looks less full (sleeve length etc.)than I wear. Also interested in the classic striped seersucker.
Woolovers Aran sizing is on the generous side. Same as on their countryman sweaters. There is a small label tab down the side. Quality is good though.
Hoggs of Fife have a Loake pebble grain long wing under their own brand. You can tell it is Loake from the join on the inside.https://www.fifecountry.co.uk/footwear/mens/british-handmade-shoes/kenmore-longwing-brogue-4155
Me too. Argyle sweater.But I have the Woolovers Nordic and it is true to size and has lasted well over the years.
That is known as a Nordic sweater and is part of the Ivy thing. Woolovers do nice ones.
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