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Not round my way. Crombie was worn over a suit. Cloakrooms were a worry. Getting your own garment back was by no means guaranteed.Before Crombies took off there used to be really nice navy, gabardine, fly-front raincoats with a Prussian collar. These were virtually indestructible and the colour hid dirt. I had one pal who wore his for years as a year round drinking coat.
I avoided Butlins with school pals and hitched round Italy instead. Hippy types got a lot wrong but avoiding crap like Butlins was always the way to go. Shame they got clothes and music so wrong.I did have a day in Butlins Bognor when I was a 12 year old.
A difference between you and me. By the time of the three day week I mostly reverted to buying clothes in the suburbs and at places like Wembley market and Dickie Dirts . There was no need for me to go up town to the Squire Shop etc.Things like cars, hi fi and foreign holidays, for example, were also eating up more of my disposable income.But fair play to you for keeping the faith on the clothing front.
I really enjoyed the three day week from what I remember of it. How very considerate of the government of the day to introduce it. I don't remember too much about the 'winter of discontent', but burying the dead and refuse disposal were not big concerns for me at the time.
Dartboards are not unheard of in the South. I was in a team in The City myself - purely to make up the numbers on the team games. The hey day of different divisions had gone but they still had a reasonable turn out and still play to this day, without my participation. A lot of the pubs with dartboards have disappeared though. Sad to see those dartboards disappear from pubs. I also liked bar billiards tables. They take up less space than pool and there is less aggro...
Interesting that you wrap the laces around at the top. I have Pennines. I dislike the look of speed hooks, but the downside is putting on these boots is a bit of a faff. I sometimes skip the top holes but I don't wrap laces around. Not sure the original laces are long enough anyway. I always use a straight lacing pattern as well never the criss cross arrangement.
Maybe true for some who are 'just about managing', in the current jargon, or unemployed.People still find money for what I consider to be useless tat though.A pair of Loakes bought in the sale should not be out of reach. Even if it is the only pair owned or 'Sunday Best'.
I don't recall Sicilians being particularly well dressed. Similar to most other Europeans. As for foreigners, well probably the sort of foreigners who read about clothes on the internet might be interested. Same as that Ivy shop in Bologna that got some publicity, though they probably have a local trade to rely on. To be honest I was more interested in food in Bologna than clothes shopping. Northampton factory...
What is the difference between a Loake Royal and a Sovereign? Is it the little band that may be called a storm welt is not on the Sovereign? Tan is a difficult colour. Apart from the possibility of looking like a clown from 'match of the day' there is also the problem of keeping tan free from marks. Tan also shows up rain spots for a long time after a downpour.
Barathea blazers are also fairly commonplace in U.K. Menswear
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