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Interesting that you wrap the laces around at the top. I have Pennines. I dislike the look of speed hooks, but the downside is putting on these boots is a bit of a faff. I sometimes skip the top holes but I don't wrap laces around. Not sure the original laces are long enough anyway. I always use a straight lacing pattern as well never the criss cross arrangement.
Maybe true for some who are 'just about managing', in the current jargon, or unemployed.People still find money for what I consider to be useless tat though.A pair of Loakes bought in the sale should not be out of reach. Even if it is the only pair owned or 'Sunday Best'.
I don't recall Sicilians being particularly well dressed. Similar to most other Europeans. As for foreigners, well probably the sort of foreigners who read about clothes on the internet might be interested. Same as that Ivy shop in Bologna that got some publicity, though they probably have a local trade to rely on. http://www.theweejun.com/de-paz-one-great-stores-world/ To be honest I was more interested in food in Bologna than clothes shopping. Northampton factory...
What is the difference between a Loake Royal and a Sovereign? Is it the little band that may be called a storm welt is not on the Sovereign? Tan is a difficult colour. Apart from the possibility of looking like a clown from 'match of the day' there is also the problem of keeping tan free from marks. Tan also shows up rain spots for a long time after a downpour.
Barathea blazers are also fairly commonplace in U.K. Menswear http://www.pakeman.co.uk/product/867/1351_DB_Blazer_Navy
Barathea is a traditional cloth for school uniforms in the UK. For example my black sixth form blazer. Younger pupils had blazers with a thicker cloth but then they also wore grey shirts instead of white.
Not sure about mail order for head gear. I would want to try it on for both size and to see how it looked. Wool can be dear. Woolovers can be good value but their argylle jumpers lose shape after washing. Their wool knit waistcoats are good though and you get the deep v neck that is missing on modern v neck jumpers. Their chunkier sweaters are good too Nordic, Guernsey, Aran, countryman jumper with reinforced elbows and shoulders.
It is too cold for me to wear a Harrington now. Ben Nevis shop in Camden Town is very good though. I bought one of their Lavenir shooting coats which is just the job for colder weather. They also do donkey jackets but that is a bit too Socialist Worker for my taste though it looks to be a fine, warm garment.
After canteens and restaurants were outsourced, it became just as cheap to eat off the premises. I started chasing down the old cafes before they closed. From the Edgware Road to the East End. The proper Formica cafes set up in the 1950s etc. I used the Classic Cafes book as a guide:-http://www.classiccafes.co.uk/Most are now gone. Pellicci is still going. New Piccadilly was one of the last to close.I never had any joy when I had to work in Bristol. All I could find was a...
I worked for the Post Office at Christmas as a student. Fortunately I got 'parcels' accompanying the van driver. He was a former electrician who was in the GPO winding down towards retirement. We always stopped at the pub at lunchtime. The van driver had several pints. He dropped me off at my house and told me to come back to sign off in a few hours time. This worked fine until I was transferred to a mail delivery route. I had to get the bus down to the start of my route....
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