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Fair enough. Black knock offs are my issue. Forever associated with late 60s yoof culture.Ben Nevis plain donkey jackets look pretty good. I have enough winter wear but donkey jackets could be reclaimed from Socialist Worker paper vendors. Builders do not wear them these days. Very good value too and Made in Britain.
Knock offs are very cheap. Ben Nevis ones are well regarded.If you want Prince of Wales check, there are lots of new copies on eBay around £20. Big difference to the price you are looking at.
£159? I don't think so. Baracuta prices.Does not look that good either.
You can try on Bexley if you are in Paris. There are several branches and individual shoe models seem to vary in fit. A Stanford whole cut and a Bloomingdale monkstrap. Buy both for further discounts. They are cheap as chips but remarkable quality. Stick a Topy on the sole and you have some sound shoes for next to nothing.
I have burgundy Royals and they are a bit too shiny.I prefer Hoggs of Fife Kenmore brogues in a pebble grain with a Dainite sole. They are Loake - you can tell from the join on the inside of the shoe. They often have discounts so price similar to Loake.https://www.fifecountry.co.uk/shoes-and-boots/mens/british-handmade-shoes/kenmore-longwing-brogue-4155
Regarding Copperfields, I see it is under threat and Ray Winstone is a customer. Looking in the window their merchandise does not seem to be full on "geezer" though. You would not want to look like a star of "The Sweeney" would you? http://www.standard.co.uk/showbiz/celebrity-news/ray-winstone-takes-on-developer-in-fightto-save-his-tailors-10002712.html
Yes way back. Imported bleeding madras from the Ivy Shop in Richmond. Colour flooded out of them. Fabric was thicker than O'Connells. I did read somewhere that the passage of time may have inhibited the bleeding process but I don't buy that myself.
Yes I know of Flittners. Moorgate road works spoiled things the last time I was up that way. Such is life in the capital these days. They want lorries to deliver at night again as during The Olympics. For another seven years!
There are a couple of Marks that fit the bill. One near Leadenhall Market and one near Moorgate. Ede and Ravenscroft is a more interesting shop near Leadenhall Market and there is a small outfitters called Copperfields near Moorgate which does interesting stuff like Wensum suits. I still wear short sleeve button downs. Madras type ones. I have a couple from O'Connell's - supposed to be guaranteed to bleed. Not so. Long sleeves have more gravitas though. A good plain blue...
It is very difficult to buy quality these days. If I could shop down the High Street I would be happier, but I cannot. I have to seek stuff out. Whereas as decades ago it mostly was all there for you. I saw several coats that looked really good but were obviously decades old on pensioners who had them forever presumably. The association of clothes with individuals is a difficult one. It seems a pity to avoid decent stuff that is not particularly flash just to avoid...
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