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Walter White wears mostly stone/ beige colours - down to his wallabee shoes and his stone/ beige colour car.And he is a 50 year old American.The alternative "Heisenberg" all-black ensemble can be just as bad.
John Simons crowd usually drink in barley mow just round the corner. Red lion is a great pub but it is not in Marylebone.
There is Bobby George at the blinged up end of the spectrum. http://www.bobbygeorge.com/images/bobby2006-01-10a.jpg
There is Chris the cockney from The Fast Show www.youtube.com/watch?v=9AbNBj6S5xs His wardrobe may reflect declining standards in geezer attire
Herb Tarlek ?http://www.rheostatics.ca/images/tarlek/herb_tarlek.jpg
Four hundred quid in the sale? They are having a laugh.Classic donkey jacket from Ben Nevis - without PVC shoulders - is a tenth of that price.
Yes. Above Burton's in Uxbridge. JJ & Vs. Late 60s.
Fair enough. Black knock offs are my issue. Forever associated with late 60s yoof culture.Ben Nevis plain donkey jackets look pretty good. I have enough winter wear but donkey jackets could be reclaimed from Socialist Worker paper vendors. Builders do not wear them these days. Very good value too and Made in Britain.
Knock offs are very cheap. Ben Nevis ones are well regarded.If you want Prince of Wales check, there are lots of new copies on eBay around £20. Big difference to the price you are looking at.
£159? I don't think so. Baracuta prices.Does not look that good either.
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