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It is very difficult to buy quality these days. If I could shop down the High Street I would be happier, but I cannot. I have to seek stuff out. Whereas as decades ago it mostly was all there for you. I saw several coats that looked really good but were obviously decades old on pensioners who had them forever presumably. The association of clothes with individuals is a difficult one. It seems a pity to avoid decent stuff that is not particularly flash just to avoid...
The East End is not really for me. Hoxton has some great Vietnamese restaurants but I would not shop there. Bethnal Green has E Pellicci cafe and Petticoat Lane but a lot of the pubs have closed or been taken over by a hipster crowd. Pride of Spitalfields is still a lovely old boozer though. Indian restaurants off Commercial Road are the ones to use - not Brick Lane.
Just nail on some Blakeys. It is a DIY job. Metal or rubber. http://www.blakeys-segs.co.uk
Seems a shame to punch holes in a nice clean wholecut. Medallions and brogueing are best left to non wholecuts IMO. A simple black shoe like Cleav posted is my idea of a wholecut.
My point is that if people are concerned about creases, then whether it is the fit or the leather is a secondary consideration.I assumed Cleav photos were the same pair and that he was - justifiably IMO - proud of them.Maybe you could take a little leather out and make them smoother - but the world of RTW does not work like that. Top pair would still be outstanding compared to most shoes you see in the City of London.
A wholecut that fits is fine. Lots of people buy shoes over the net and that is particularly risky with a whole cut. By the way, the wholecut posted by Cleav look to fit well. You cannot have a shoe with no creases unless you never wear it. Cordovan has more of a crease issue than a whole cut.
Navy gabardine macs that preceded Crombies in the 1960s. They were a substantial garment heavier than modern raincoats and very serviceable. Black macs just look cheap to me.
Black Mac? I would worry about looking like the Burnley manager Sean Dyche.
You could just wear a zip fronted garment from somewhere like Marks. Practical but not very stylish.
I would sooner brave the Victor Meldrew quips than wear a car coat. Victor had some reasonable kit from time to time.
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