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"Top brands" is a debatable claim if it is applied to a two bob company that few people have heard of and even less purchase from.
I think the owners of suburban dance halls and clubs preferred mainstream music and suits, collars and ties to attract a respectable crowd that would not cause trouble.Do not forget places like the Hammersmith Palais still had their own dreadful bands( Ray McVay) in the sixties and early seventies. "Obscure music" was liked, but there was little chance of hearing it on a Saturday night at many popular venues. The choice was go to those places or seek out music you wanted...
Fair enough. My own opinions on the brands I know are of limited use here. There would be no consistency without reference to what is already mentioned.What could be done, quite easily, is to indicate market share for the brands reviewed.Maybe a separate exercise could then be done reviewing the major players in the market - either globally or by country.
It does not really cover the UK - which is a large market. No Marks and Spencer. No High Street chains. No smaller clothing retailers - Ede and Ravenscroft etc.
Welcome back Lasttye.Those French style Gibsons are different to Squire Shop ones. They were like the old cheap Tuf brand you could get in Freeman Hardy & Willis - except for the 360 welt. I had a pair of the Squire ones in brown.French style reminds me too much of camel toe.Tuf shoe. Note apron. Squire apron also had a split.http://www.fightingcobbler.co.uk/fc5.htmu
Both Tafler and Cardew Robinson were in the fight scene in Alfie. Alfie is more of a ladies man but he has his money making scams too. www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0FZhLeHy7A
Sidney Tafler was the wide boy in film. Not lairy but definitely an outsider and dodgy.http://www.screenonline.org.uk/people/id/1389560/index.html
You can be self employed but working class. Del Boy is clearly working class as most people understand it.
There is a huge gulf between the wide boy/ chancer type and the bounder/cad. Mostly class - Del Boy, Arthur Daley, Arthur English, the spiv from Dad's Army were working class and cockney. Terry Thomas, Leslie Philipps, Cardew Robinson etc. were higher up the food chain and could pass themselves off above their natural station in life. Wide boy is much closer to geezer than bounder. Flashy rails bookmaker etc. ,could be jewish...
People seem to forget Mike Raven.His weekend show on radio 1 provided all the new releases and covered everything. He pioneered(Intentional play on words) reggae on radio 1 - not John Peel. This was long before Bob Marley made it big time. He also covered black music back to Bessie Smith and Robert Johnson - very informative.Raven did not use jingles or a phoney American accent. He was an educated man from a privileged background but he did not try to pretend otherwise. He...
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