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Emailed a few months ago about expanding the selection of fabrics for the OCBD's. Any progress on this? A simple check, blue stripe, etc would sell like crazy I'm betting...
Thanks, good find.
Very versatile. Do a search for a thread I started on this topic that has lots of pics in it.
I'm unable to find a phone number or hours for the Santa Monica store (which makes it quite hard to know when I should make the drive over there). Any info?
Probably because this thread is a year old.
That's ridiculous.
The best material is mostly nitrogen with a bit of oxygen thrown in for good measure.
Please go back to the Hypebeast forum I'm sure you frequented a few short weeks ago.
mrjester, Great look. Might have to steal the fabric selection for a future jacket...Looks to be a very versatile piece. Did you ever consider making this unstructured or was the linen casual enough without it? In other news, I've got some incoming KW goodies including the poplin blue dress shirt, navy polo, light blue oxford, and the following jacket: Fabric 7121 (shade lighter than navy) Patch pockets at the waist, welted breast pocket Soft...
I get the sentiment but...c'mon man. (Nice loafs)
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