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I'm sure it will be perfect for that, especially in SF. Went with olive duck in LA and want both of the moleskins.
I'm in LA and ordered the duck canvas. I'm really torn between that and the moleskin.
FYI: EPLA Field Jackets are online. I did make sure to order my olive duck canvas before posting, does that make me a bad person? Hoping duck canvas is suitable for winters in LA instead of the moleskin...
Two questions: 1) I checked multiple times on Friday and never saw the field jacket drop. What's the deal? 2) Any possible ETA for suede make ups of the new PTB?
I might be missing something, but has there been and update for the status of: -PTB (Also any ETA on when you're thinking for the suede PTB's?) -EPLA Field Jacket
I will order a suede PTB the day it's posted.
I can't decide between the saddle/navy full court highs or the all white full court highs. All white seems to be more for streetwear-inspired fits I'd guess but this is a dilemma - they both look great. Hmm, maybe the whites would be too hard to keep clean and look bad once they got a little dirty...
Loopwheel sizing: Small in normal epaulet shirting fits me perfectly. By perfectly I mean that any smaller and it would look too tight. Looking at the sizing for the loopwheel tees it says order your usual epaulet size. Have people found this to be the case? Should I go for medium since I don't really have any margin if the small is too small?
A few questions: 1) Take a look at the taping on the left leg here: http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/bottoms/products/new-rivet-chino-8-oz-canvas-fatigue The seam is one of my favorite parts of many epaulet pants but I notice that on some of mine (like the photo) the taping tends to fall pretty far forward/straight-on rather than at the exact side of the leg. Any idea what causes this? Pretty minor though. 2) Any chance you'll be restocking small sized of the...
1) I was going to pick up the handgrade penny loafer and just wanted to verify sizing. If I wear a size 8 in AE park avenues/mcallisters and a 7.5 in Alden Trubalance and Van lasts is 8 appropriate? How should it fit on my first wear before breaking in? I always find loafers really hard to size. 2) Any plans to offer more RTW slim fit trouser options? I'm really happy with the grey ones I ordered last time.
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