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Sign me up for a 37!
Am I a complete idiot if I get the navy doyle instead of the french blue? Also, should I size up or down? I am a spot-on 37 unfortunately.... EDIT: Found a post a few pages back where Mike said odd sizes should be up this coming week. Great.
If anyone has the carmina handsewn mocs (http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/sale/products/hawthorne-handsewn-moc-snuff-suede) in a US8 that don't quite fit or isn't getting regular rotation I'd be happy to take them off your hands! Really enjoying the carmel duck canvas rivet chino and, of course, the ash grey rivet chinos lately.
Any plans for a floral print shirt or something like that? Looking to diversify beyond my standard solid, gingham, and plaid. Also, the chambray shirts you mentioned a few pages back: what will be the differences between the EPLA and the EPNY models?
Emailed a few months ago about expanding the selection of fabrics for the OCBD's. Any progress on this? A simple check, blue stripe, etc would sell like crazy I'm betting...
Thanks, good find.
Very versatile. Do a search for a thread I started on this topic that has lots of pics in it.
I'm unable to find a phone number or hours for the Santa Monica store (which makes it quite hard to know when I should make the drive over there). Any info?
Probably because this thread is a year old.
That's ridiculous.
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