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Any places I can order for US delivery at better than retail prices? Having a tough time finding any places other than Orvis and North River Outfitters, both of which don't seem to discount Barbour... Heading to NYC in a month and was looking to snag a Sapper before then.
Anybody have experience with the deerskin gloves? How's the quality? Heading to NY next month and don't have a pair of gloves currently...
This is definitely the closest:http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/tops/products/epaulet-crew-neck-fisherman-sweater-flecked-wheatBut only in one color and size at the moment. Maybe something slightly thinner (still with some type of cabling/design) would be good.
What I'd give for a reasonably priced epaulet crewneck knit sweater... (you know, just throwing that out there)
My brown CXL Indys arrived today. Should I immediately condition with a layer of Saphir Reno before the first wear or does it not matter?
Can't get too creative since it's still hot as hell in Southern California. EPLA speckled chambray, caramel duck canvas, old boat shoes
Any planned restock of the shawl collar fisherman's sweater? It's hot in LA now but I'm trying to stock up on some sweaters before it dips into the high 50's! http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/tops/products/epaulet-shawl-collar-fisherman-sweater-navy-donegal
Looking for some sizing advice on the Doyle. Hoping you guys can help me out here. I am in between a small and medium in EPNY shirt fit, but small fits slightly better. I can't tell any difference between an EPLA shirt in medium and an EPNY shirt in small except that the back/chest is slightly tighter feeling on the EPLA. I wear a size 37 in suits. 5 foot 8, 155 pounds drop 6. Should I go for 36 or 38? Should I wait until an MTO is offered and I can pick up a 37? I...
Just received my two-ply striped chambray shirt and the fit seems very similar to the normal EPNY. I was expecting a bit smaller but I have a feeling most of my shirts are a bit too fitted anyway so this might be a nice change. Should it be any problem to have the sleeve and overall length shortened at a competent tailor by about an inch? EDIT: By the way, this shirt paired with the caramel duck canvas RC's & Indys is going to make a killer casual fit. Can't wait for...
Damn you - just ordered them. First pair of Aldens...
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