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Nah. I wonder if it's possible in something else...
Can you do a paint splatter shirt (like the women's penny clutch) in the usual EPNY fit? That is all.
The fact that there is still a floral indigo chambray in the sale section in a medium is an outrage. Someone pick that up (as long as you're not in LA, I have west coast territory privileges on it).
Full court high's and a union tee copped. super pumped for these shoes, now I have to worry about keeping them clean.
The shoulders fit extremely well on mine as well but there is a lot of room to the point where it looks just long and boxy on me. Strange. Not sure whether to try to nuke it or send it back and just chalk it up to it just not being a piece that fits me in particular.
Do I need to nuke/shrink the olive duck canvas field jacket? I ordered a small (small in epaulet shirts fit well/snug) and there sure seems to be a lot of room...
I'm sure it will be perfect for that, especially in SF. Went with olive duck in LA and want both of the moleskins.
I'm in LA and ordered the duck canvas. I'm really torn between that and the moleskin.
FYI: EPLA Field Jackets are online. I did make sure to order my olive duck canvas before posting, does that make me a bad person? Hoping duck canvas is suitable for winters in LA instead of the moleskin...
Two questions: 1) I checked multiple times on Friday and never saw the field jacket drop. What's the deal? 2) Any possible ETA for suede make ups of the new PTB?
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