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Please excuse the mess (the newspapers are part of my shoe polishing process, so that's probably SF approved I'm guessing), but really loving the way the floral chambray shirt can be worn. Here it is casually as an overshirt type thing.
I haven't done a thorough search of this thread but am I the only one who thinks that a casual sportcoat in the speckled chambray fabric would be amazing? On second thought this would really just be so I could pair it with speckled chambray shirt and rivet chinos to create a monotone speckled chambray suit.
Unfortunately the only light color shirts I have are light blue...
Well had to jump on that additional 30% off on the sale items. Here's what I got: -Wilshire Overdye Navy : hoping these will fade -Driggs Preppy Light Blue : hoping these will be suitable for business casual environment and aren't too "loud" -Pine Henley
Delivered today. The Guatemalan hand-weave is NUTS. Along with the original speckled chambray this is the softest, most comfortable shirt I own. I don't really know what I'm going to pair it with yet but probably something simple like some stone/khaki rivet chinos and boat shoes or sneakers. This is going to get lots of positive comments.The indigo floral chambray has a great design. It's definitely rougher/stiffer than the other due to the heavier fabric. Hoping it...
I've been spending a bit too much money recently but just had to drop by and say the full court high trainers look incredible. Just copped the indigo floral chambray shirt and the guatemalan hand weave. Pumped to get them.
Any places I can order for US delivery at better than retail prices? Having a tough time finding any places other than Orvis and North River Outfitters, both of which don't seem to discount Barbour... Heading to NYC in a month and was looking to snag a Sapper before then.
Anybody have experience with the deerskin gloves? How's the quality? Heading to NY next month and don't have a pair of gloves currently...
This is definitely the closest:http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/tops/products/epaulet-crew-neck-fisherman-sweater-flecked-wheatBut only in one color and size at the moment. Maybe something slightly thinner (still with some type of cabling/design) would be good.
What I'd give for a reasonably priced epaulet crewneck knit sweater... (you know, just throwing that out there)
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