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Not unless there's some sort of Mardi Gras going on!
I can't speak for the rest but I will be judging at all times, if the rest of you don't turn up in Borelli MTM (at least), I will be leaving in my Rolls to eat with a more elitist group of persons.
Excellent initiative James, I look forward to it.
PM sent on Zegna.
Quick question: What is the size difference between Aldens and C&Js? I take a 9.5E UK C&J - Should I go for a 10.5 Alden?
PM sent
PM sent.
Quote: Originally Posted by fox81 your maths isnt great as 30 then 15 percent off does not equal 45 percent off. Damned Arts graduates!
When I am in a million dollar meeting I look like a million dollars because of Rockys HK fashions. Robert Hardie New York, USA
Quote: Originally Posted by DTO Still enjoying everything here Today Sorry for the strange angle. -- DTO I mysteriously spied this jacket, or one like it, in Peter Lee's shop 2 weeks ago.
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