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Imagine a button-down shirt worn without a tie: the collar rises from the collarbone the neck, then turns sharply back down. The collar stands up sharply, giving an assertive yet casual look that I like quite a bit. Now imagine a standard spread collar shirt worn without a tie: generally the collar "wings" slide under your jacket and are lost, or without a jacket, lie flat and fly out to the side. But every now and then I see someone whose collar is not a button-down,...
I am pretty sure you should only wear a pocket square in a jacket pocket. Put a pocket square in a shirt pocket and you're blazing your own path. For all I know, you might be able to pull it off, but it will be oddball rather than classy.
You just said it yourself. IF she takes it regularly and never misses. There are a lot of factors (of which deception is only a small and unlikely one) that could screw things up.
, but integrated into the flow of the conversation. Even related to a keyword! Sneaky! I give this gentleman credit for taking a personal and targeted approach. Also ban him.
LabelKing, duh. Every pic must include monocle and antique bumbershoot.
That silk knot is a damn cool trick. I'm going to steal that one.
Huh? Also, I'm 50/50 on matching your tie to your pocket square. I know it's "unimaginative," but often it looks pretty good.
If you're patient, methodical, wary, inquisitive, and pick the right moment to pounce, you can score some incredible deals on eBay. I try to buy at a price point where even if one of three purchases turns out to be a bust, I'm paying half price for the good stuff.
You know, this really is terrible, but as long as we're snooting at it, tell me which you would prefer: men who want to look like this (and might perhaps find the way to more SF-acceptable tailored menswear), or men who wear (insert urban thug stereotype here)? "Some of my best friends are black," as they say, so I don't really care who wears his pants around his ankles and who doesn't, but I'm pretty delighted when anyone, anywhere, considers a suit -- no matter how...
Quote: Originally Posted by Irond Will Is that a tiny can of lite beer or is this guy like eight feet tall? Look at the top of the door frame. The guy IS like eight feet tall.
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