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Has anyone heard of the Warehouse sale returning to the Milford, NH location for this season?
As described I had them taken in. Measurements are accurate.
BUMP / DROP to $150 BUMP / DROP to $200 BUMP / DROP to $270 BUMP / DROP to $300 3 GREAT Suits from Hunstman offered here. Huntsman Made in England by Chester Barrie and Italy by Sartoria Santa Andrea (St. Andrews) All Jackets have been taken in a bit to fit a 39Rish body. If your a 40 or lean 42, these are great suits for you. They are a touch big for a 38/39 which I am, hence the reason for selling. Suit 1: Grey Herringbone w/ light blue pinstripes; double vent...
SOLD I have 2 pairs of Thom Browne Khaki pants. One traditional khaki color, the other navy. Both are size 2, both thick material. I wear 33"/34" waist and these are good at that size. Both pants are hemmed, with room to let. Khaki: waist:16.5" front rise:11" back rise:14.75"-15" upper thigh:12" knee:10" leg opening:9" inseam:31" Navy: waist:17" front rise:12" back rise:15" upper thigh:12" knee:10" leg opening:9" inseam:31"
Interesting, thanks for the info - I'm sure Milton is in back of a warehouse somewhere making sure the packing tissue paper is wrinkle free.At least bring them on as a consultant - I guess it all depends on % of sales that derive from ecomm - but I'm guessing it's substantial. BB may also not have a warehouse network that favors speedy packaging and delivery.I guess all that matters in this is that I got a solid deal on some solid shoes. I can wait.-T
Any one else not seeing their orders shipped? I'm guessing it could be due to high order volume. I placed an order Christmas day, expecting it to ship within two days (I opted for the 2 day) but it still says order has been "submitted". Items were ready to ship according to the site. I'm guessing I paid a premium for something that won't be worth it. Is anyone else mildly bothered by the costumey language of "It is, as always, our distinct pleasure to see you." when you...
It does not - it's mentioned in the ToS for the corporate discount that you can't combine that discount with any other.Mine is linked with my account and confirmed this.Total cost = Retail less the category % discount = x ; then x - 15% holiday kickerThen add S&H and (in my case) sales tax.
Price Drop - $150 Above is a Barbour International jacket purchased new in 2009. It's seen minimal wear over the 3 years (None during 2012). The size is 44 and it is a classic Barbour fit (it's not the slim fit variety). Snug on a 46 Average on a 44 Tad baggy on a 42 The belt is included and it has the keeper loop as well. It's in 8.5/10 shape.
And now respecting titles of threads . . .Just thought I'd bring this over here.
Agreed - none offense taken - Jeans could use a hem if I'm honest, admittedly a lot of blue, bordering on Tobias Funke level. I'll have to try some more combinations, etc.
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