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You're not familiar with Hebrew War Machine? I was one of the lucky ones to catch their 2003 sold-out Wembley show (arena, not stadium) when they almost came to blows with Zionist Conspiracy on stage.
Damn.Hazard has to be the early leader for PL player of the year.Edit: Perhaps jointly with Aguero.
At our staff Christmas party the other night I bought a round for everyone and got high fives and lots of cheerses. I suppose we're just being polite Canadians, but you don't need to thank me that profusely when I'm going to expense the drinks anyway. /humblebrag
I would also protest. Even very advanced babies shouldn't be graduating from university.
Your chili needs more people.
A homeopath, obviously.
I would have thought so, too, but haven't seen any commentary on who won. Schmeichel did have a black eye the next day, though.Also, I think Cleav's comment was to Keano's inability to stick with anything for long since he left Man Utd rather than his pugilistic skills.
Please to record and post video of your boss' reaction the first time he meets non-Asian girlfriend.
Oh to have been a fly on the wall at a Hong Kong hotel when Schmeichel and Roy Keane had a full-on brawl.
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