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One of my favourite bits was Real complaining that Man U took so long to register Navas on the online system that they weren't left enough time to complete De Gea's registration. I hadn't realized that both clubs were apparently working at the same internet-enabled public library computer. Perhaps Real can use some of the millions they saved to buy their own computer and sign up for AOL.
The conversion from USD to CAD was 1.33. Then there's HST, a customs fee, HST on the customs fee, the Fedex "ROD Fee", and of course HST on the ROD Fee. So just the five additional charges.Odds on any/all of the following as part of the exchange process?Return feeReturn shipping feeHST on exchanged beltCustoms on exchange beltHST on customs on exchange beltMiscellaneous Fedex fee on exchanged beltHST on miscellaneous Fedex feeI'm pretty sure Meermin won't charge a return...
Sounds like Ed Woodward did everything he could to fax Real the documents on time.
Just got the belts. The value was stated at US$100 and the customs/tax bill was C$58. One of the belts was also shipped in the wrong size.
Troy Deeney update! http://www.theguardian.com/football/video/2015/jan/30/how-the-transfer-window-works-video
I normally find long, drawn-out transfer sagas incredibly tedious but the De Gea move has become quite entertaining. If it turns out to be true that Real didn't actually submit an offer until around noon on transfer deadline day, this is some solid comeuppance. And if Man U dicked around while really hoping the transfer would go through, this is also an awesome result.
We may have a rat on SF.
Nope. My pair of J Fitzpatricks was hit about three weeks ago.I've ordered a couple of Meermin belts and, given the fairly low price, I'm hoping they arrive with no charges.
Thanks very much for looking into this. Very responsive.I'm wearing a contemporary fit today in the same size and the forearm is much better. The most problematic shirt is also a contemporary fit (the seam has actually split slightly on the sleeve placket now) so perhaps I need to be more vigilant about trying things on before deciding to keep them.Interestingly, the shirt in question is pink and I've had problems in the past with pink shirts (non-S&P) shrinking too much....
I've heard that theory before, and that I'm too fat, and that I'm too socially awkward, and that my portable telephone doesn't even have a colour screen so how can I install Snapchat?I can only conclude it's racism.
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