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I notice that I'm using the "Like" button much less often and the "Hate" button all the time.(Before you reply that there's no "Hate" button on Facebook makes no sense for social network to allow hating, my Facebook app is a bespoke build by a famous German automaker that's designed to look and act in almost every way like the regular Facebook app so as to keep regular folk from breaking the 10th commandment.)
In the event that it didn't, that's because you define Godwin's Law like a nazi.
Some solid options in the seconds for anyone fortunate enough to be an 8.5UK...
It's because everyone's trying to move to Georgia all the time. Last week they rejected me with some BS about not recognizing my passport because they'd never heard of the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis.
No one told me it was National Scotch Day. I'm sure it's just a marketing ploy, but I don't need much convincing to drink scotch so I've just poured a Dalwhinnie 15.
This is the first I've heard of Velasca and it sounds like you're pleased with them. How would you describe the shape? I understand most of their models are a little sleeker than typical Goodyear-welted shoes.The company sounds very interesting. At the price, it doesn't seem like much of a risk to order a pair.
Just yesterday I was about to start the Official Toilet Maintenance and BM Volume/Texture Discussion Thread in the Fine Living subforum but now I think everyone has shot their wad in this thread so I won't bother.
Most of it is in the now-ironically-named Noodles' Good Natured thread. Take it from personal experience: it's not worth investing the hours going over it.Abbreviation-filled TLDR:Noodles bought an OTR Formosa from NMWA;had it altered;wore it;measured and found (small but not insignificant) sizing discrepancy;asked for refund;refund denied based on worn, altered condition;lots of past history raised;accusations of lies;Noodles quilts.
This comment plus your avatar are starting to make me think you have a cynical side.
This is great. One suggestion would be to move the lapel notches back to a more classic position. This Isaia almost has them behind the head.
New Posts  All Forums: