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Aren't you glad you opened this can of worms, Rick? My thinking is similar to the above by @Spex. But option 999 is starting to sound more appealing.
Yay for me. (Or whichever one corresponds to the clean back option.)
It went nearly as well as I'd hoped.Probably worthwhile for under $100 but for anything over that price I'd move to a different subforum where you can get much better quality feuds for marginal price increases.
My condolences, L'Inc.
Crosspost from the 2016-17 Canoe/Kayak Thread: The revelation of unethical behaviour among officials at Canoe Kayak Canada put me to condition of downright pissed this morning. In addition to forcing our athletes to load up equipment after races while staff head out sightseeing, we also send an actual person to monitor wind conditions when other countries just drop a floating sensor in the water. This is a most egregious example of asking a man to do a buoy's job.
I'm sorry to hear about your friend, L'Inc, and am hoping for the best.
So sorry to hear this, L'Inc. I wish your mother all the best.
I have many long-sleeved shirts and picked up a short sleeve a few weeks ago.Mine is a slim fit and is very similar to the long-sleeved equivalent, though cut slightly shorter so it can be worn untucked more easily.The sleeves were not billowy but quite trim. Definitely not Dwight Schrute style. I'll probably pick up some more.
Apparently you and Teger have a little more discretion. I really hope Mr Ford is right now partaking at heaven's all-you-can-consume buffet of crack, booze, and KFC.
I'm conflicted about posting this but the video in question has now been released. Given what's happened since this was filmed, my overriding feeling watching this is pity for Mr. Ford. http://www.cp24.com/news/rob-ford-crack-tape-released-after-extortion-charges-withdrawn-against-lisi-1.3024436
New Posts  All Forums: