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Ha! Shades of grey, I suppose. The LBO of United made good business sense at any rate.
You could argue that the level of corporate interference and dominance of marketing considerations in football makes all top tier clubs synthetic.But in my example, I was referring more to stealing billions of dollars from the population of a country then using it to purchase a club and a roster of top players, for example.Also, bravo to Messi.
You guessed it. I try not to take joy in the difficulties of other clubs, but do get a certain amount of schadenfreude when the synthetic clubs (ex. Chelsea, City, PSG) fail to justify the huge amounts of injected cash.Edit: No hate for those clubs! There may be a limited amount of logic to my position, but I wouldn't be interested in spending much energy defending it.
I love watching this Manchester City.
And it begins.
Odds on a nasty bout of City-itis striking anytime soon?
U.S. lost to Ireland. Both teams looked pretty experimental, though, so I'm not sure how much to read into that result.
Just trying to avoid misunderstandings here.
Does this help?
You probably don't have hypochondria then; you just think you do.
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