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Not normally a huge fan of sours (/sacrilege) but this stuff is pretty nice and mellows quite a bit in the glass.
I liked a lot about the multiple timelines theory but couldn't get past one major issue: if we were seeing Dolores in multiple timelines 30+ years apart, that's one long existential crisis she's having.It looks like this has been addressed (at least partially) by establishing that she is in fact glitching or re-living past events.Her burgeoning consciousness has affected William in the old timeline, however. So either she has been developing sentience for over 30 years or...
You would have to ask Rick this question since he's the one exploring the option of a poll. My guess is that he's interested in having a little more data on this subject from a wide range of Spier & Mackay fans
I don't know of a way to run a poll on an existing thread. It may be easiest to create a new thread with a poll, and put a link to it in this thread.
A quick dig through the archives seems to have re-activated some sleepy brain cells and I now remember this debate from Nov/Dec 2015 and March 2016.Was there ever a poll? People seemed to be fairly split on this one. Those who felt that two buttons undone was an acceptable and even preferable look without a tie seemed to favour the offset. I've never felt that look is professional at work (though I am in a traditional industry) so the old button stance was better.At the...
Okay, sounds like I missed the debate. I'll have to go back and look for it.I'm curious how most people wear their shirts for this to have an impact. If you wear it done up with a tie, or with two buttons undone, this change wouldn't seem to make a difference.But I'll leave it there. Not trying to rehash a debate that's already been closed.
I've noticed on some of my newer shirts that the button placement seems to have changed. The second-from-top button is no longer halfway between the top and third buttons, but is now offset toward the collar. For me, this makes the second button less usable. I feel overly buttoned up when it's fastened, and unprofessional when it's left undone. It would have been perfect halfway between. Obviously, there's no problem when wearing a tie but I'm usually tie-less these...
You'll find some excellent information on this very subject in the Poor Man's Watch Thread. There's also a much more lively discussion in that thread.
I always assumed this was because you haven't adopted the metric system. As far as I understand imperial, it's valid to say 12=10 and 10=14.
He doesn't sound like a paragon of virtue and it must chafe for Inter fans to have such a shitty person as captain.Maybe this exercise of standing up to the ultras is intended to rehabilitate his reputation.
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