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Lots of those flying elbows looked inadvertent. I'd even give Ramos the benefit of the doubt. But Carvajal (great boxing name) will probably sit out a few matches after tenderizing Mandzukic.
I am similar of appearance and back this advice. You've correctly identified that it sucks being peed on by dogs all the time. But it's a helpful conversation starter with their owners.
+1The Shoe Snob has worked for me and the laces are about £5/pair plus shipping. Still not cheap, but if you buy a few pairs you're not much more than $10 per.
There will be interesting first round match-ups even with the Kings (and potentially Bruins) eliminated. Does anyone want to play Ottawa and their .900 winning percentage since February? Pittsburgh's experience makes them a team to avoid, as well. Looking forward to Vancouver-Calgary in the west.
Are you required to enter full names and contact information on the manifest?Or is their Styleforum nickname adequate?
Time to resurrect those "Pjanic on the Streets of London!" headlines.They are, but only by one point having played one more game than the rest of the group. That Serbia-Albania nonsense was a big boost to Denmark and Portugal's chances of qualifying.
Because America! Fuck yeah!
Bendtner has always done pretty well for the national team. Actually, that could be said for a lot of the Danes who aren't star players, for the most part, but who make up a side that is better than the sum of its parts.I didn't see this match but it sounds like the result, if anything, flattered the U.S. Nothing shameful in that, though. I wouldn't expect Team America to beat Denmark in Denmark.
Interesting to hear that the OBs didn't meet expectations.When your budget is finite, it's an ongoing dilemma whether a particular piece should be expensive and high quality, or whether something basic works. Since my sub-$70 swim shorts tend to last me for 5+ years anyway, perhaps this is an area where basic is good enough.
I wasn't aware of Shan and they could be an interesting option. But their prices are similar to Orlebar Brown and I'm not sure if the quality matches up. (The Shans have drawstrings, for example.)Edit: Shan's prices are a fair bit lower than OB's.As an aside, the model on their website looks trim and fit, but his mid-section is his worst feature and is the one highlighted on all the photos. Odd choice.May have to pop by Gravity Pope to check out the OBs in person.
New Posts  All Forums: