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No, nobody gets hurt. It's just like firing guns in the air, shooting roman candles at people, or killing prostitutes.
Sunderland are back in the Prem again! They were shite all year but it doesn't matter!
Not sure I agree with this. The beauty of cup ties is that anything can happen on any given day but the better teams will consistently go further. Bayern are once again in the semis and it would be difficult to argue they aren't one of the top three club teams in the world. There's no shame in going out to Barca and Bayern responded well by winning at home.Looking forward to tomorrow's tie--it should be a bit more of a nailbiter.
Unobvious is also not a cromulent word. You should have said "that would not be unapparent."
How did they know it was you as you left? Were you trailing a brown cloud?
Worst confession ever.
Both of these are allowed. It is not permitted to be ignorant of dated Simpsons references.
Normally I'd be happy to pile on Newcastle (I have a soft spot for Sunderland), but I've started feeling sorry for their supporters. No one should have to tolerate Mike Ashley.The odds are with them since only one of Newcastle, Hull, Sunderland, Leicester, and Villa will go down. Their last three matches aren't overly frightening, but it would be no great surprise for them to pick up zero points.
Oh my, Derby. Commiserations to the Rams supporters on here. If it's any consolation, there's nothing to fear next year from the teams dropping down to the Championship.
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