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Thanks for letting me know. That's too bad about the thigh but I'll drop in to try them anyway.
Hi Rick, do you have any updates on when the Contemporary fit chinos will be at the downtown location? I'm looking to pick up two or three pairs in size 30.
"It says 'PC Load Letter', for gosh sakes. No, I don't have a Scooby Doo either!"
Shout out to @CanadaCal for a great transaction. I'm really happy with the Carminas.Now that I know we're the same size, keep me in mind next time you're selling new or near-new shoes!
I wonder why ArtisanFran never responds to the many call-outs he gets in the forums.Maybe his hash tags are jibbeldy.
Has anyone else noticed that despite the signage claiming total markdowns of 75% off, the actual sale is less impressive?They seem to have actually dropped the prices about 35% initially and now have another 40% off. A reduction of 35% then 40% does not equal 75% off.
Not so fast. I've already called dibs.
They're getting harder to find, but 'roo leather footwear is still out there. My current outdoor boots (Diadora) and indoor boots (Pele) are kangaroo.
I can't stop laughing at this suitably epic Harry Kane video. Must be viewed with the sound up or it's only 10% as funny. https://twitter.com/GoonerTerje/status/747531019163738112
This is a hot button issue for me. After my wife gave birth I posted a picture of my ripped torso with the caption, "What baby weight? This is only ONE WEEK after becoming a father."People really have a hard time with recognizing aspirational examples.
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