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This article on Hayden is making me happy. As the father of a little girl, the first song really resonated (especially after reading the background in the article).
Nice to hear about the athletic cut. Will it also feature a larger drop? 8" would be brilliant.(IB4 "That's what she said.")
Anyone planning to watch the women's World Cup? I'm a fan but bitter that there are no matches in Toronto to attend.
I'll be sending some friends your way and will aim to be one of your first visitors when the downtown Toronto shop opens. That's great to hear that you're using horn buttons on the trousers now. Mine are the POW check grey flannels and were on sale, so I assume they were older stock.And I look forward to seeing the socks. My love of fun socks has died, but it would be nice to see some tasteful patterns (eg. herringbone, houndstooth, pindot, ribbed).
I've received two orders now from Spier & Mackay and thought I'd share my feedback. Shirts have been the main draw and I have six of them now. It's been a struggle for me to find shirts that fit, are of decent quality, and are reasonably priced. I've always had to compromise substantially on at least one criterion. (For the record, my size is 15" neck, 33" sleeve length, 38" chest, 30" waist. My goal was to find decent cotton, construction, and fit for around $100 per...
The galas I go to are often in support of environmental causes and there's no dancing. But there is a pleasantly awkward blend of young idealistic greenies, white-haired bankers, and scruffy resource sector people that's fun to watch with free beer in hand.
The FIFA investigations make me happy for two reasons. One: the beautiful game might be a little cleaner when this is over. Two: Tokyo Sexwale is back in the news.
Both are unmistakably Laphroaig but I prefer the QC and find it has less of the iodine character that the 10 has.
No, nobody gets hurt. It's just like firing guns in the air, shooting roman candles at people, or killing prostitutes.
Sunderland are back in the Prem again! They were shite all year but it doesn't matter!
New Posts  All Forums: