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Now that you've (presumably) had another night's sleep, were you able to check on the cats? Even dreamland cats probably need food and water more than once a month.
It was Ontario. On the face of it, eliminating scores smacked of the cotton-wool school of post-modern parenting where there is no such thing as success or failure. It was actually modeled after much better youth systems in Europe where the goal is the relentless production of top players.I'd go further on the occasional kid who turns out well; the thing they have in common is leaving the country to develop elsewhere (see Hargreaves, Jonathan de Guzman, Begovic.)
I don't know much about the youth systems in the UK, but the players coming through those systems are reputed to be (and appear to be) less technically skilled than their German and Spanish counterparts. Do you know of any specific reasons for this difference?There was some controversy in Canadian youth soccer a couple of years ago when score-keeping was eliminated in games at youth levels. The rationale was that we don't develop players because the main objective was...
This is a good summary and it's hard to get very specific beyond these descriptions. These are, as El Argentino notes, general characteristics so there are many exceptions.Beware of supporting any team for their claimed DNA. West Ham (one of my English teams) like to think of themselves as philosophically dedicated to open, attacking football; it would take no more than five minutes of watching them play to clear up that delusion.Ditto Brazil.
It's the easiest league to follow from this side of the pond. You'll also be able to easily follow all the media hype, good and bad, which is much of the fun. Depending on your language skills, that can be harder to do for other leagues.But you should be in no rush to pick a team. It's like Harry Potter's wand shop: throw yourself into it and a team will choose you.
Or at least they would have if they hadn't slapped this horrible logo across the front.
Some years the Lions are a bit too timid to go all out orange and white; they shouldn't be. (A little silver is also permissible.) My roots are out west so the Lions were my local team. Swervin' Mervyn Fernandez made a fan of me. I remember those early days of the sports networks when we had lots of World's Strongest Man and trials competitions. It makes me slightly melancholy to think of an age where I could spend hours watching motorcycles ride very slowly over things...
Of their uniforms: yes.Of the franchise as an entity: no.May I ask what sparked your interest in the Canadian version of hand-egg?Go Lions!
Purple Haze beer is only 4.2%. Is that considered high alcohol where you are?
From Salmon Arm to Goose Bay, there's nothing else being discussed around water coolers.
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