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You'll find some excellent information on this very subject in the Poor Man's Watch Thread. There's also a much more lively discussion in that thread.
I always assumed this was because you haven't adopted the metric system. As far as I understand imperial, it's valid to say 12=10 and 10=14.
He doesn't sound like a paragon of virtue and it must chafe for Inter fans to have such a shitty person as captain.Maybe this exercise of standing up to the ultras is intended to rehabilitate his reputation.
I'm not speaking from personal experience, but you may wish to be careful with Blundstone. They moved production to China a few years ago and apparently the quality has declined substantially since then.
That wasn't a blank stare, it was my medical marijuana kicking in and the irritation was from having to yet again defend the Milk Board, the Wheat Board, and the other Boards of Canada.
I haven't had much time for the Argonauts since a kid named Jason made fun of my hair once in elementary school. And now I have Canadian Thanksgiving pumpkin pie on my face after the blue and gold comeback.
The BC Lions have come back from 24-3 down to lead the Winnipeg Bluebombers in the third quarter. About to check the hibbedly jibbedly thread for L'Inc's reaction.
This is a good tip.Keep in mind that there's not a lot of upside for the Pound right now, so those friendly exchange rates may be here for a while. And they may become even friendlier.
Firstly, try to get a househunting trip paid for. Even if you already know the city you're moving to, it''s helpful to get out there for a few days to check out neighbourhoods and real estate.I also found it reassuring to have my employer provide as many services as possible (packing, moving, real estate) rather than to do them myself and seek reimbursement. Some companies will offer a flat payment to cover relocation but unless this is very generous (or the only option),...
Congratulations!I have received relocation packages several times. My advice is to work for an employer that provides relocation packages.
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