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Thanks for responding, guys. A pea coat would be lovely, but it's probably not what I need right now. Still, I'll keep an eye on these. A nice pea coat for under $400 would be hard to resist.
A friend of mine has this same problem but with both his first and last names. It really does a number on poor Willaim Smiht's blood pressure.
Lots of attention on Spain beyond the European finals, too, since they have the most exciting title run-in by miles. One point between the top three!(No disrespect to Leicester--I would love for them to clinch this weekend for a drama-free end of season.)
Rick, have you ever considered moving into outerwear? I'm going to be in the market for a new mac and wool overcoat soon but I think the makers I used last time have priced themselves out of the market.
A few weeks after having a new roof deck built, I discovered a couple of holes in the beams from carpenter bees. I sprayed WD-40 on both to keep them from being used, killing one bee in the process (may he RIP). They didn't come back that summer and I stained the whole deck the following spring which, as a side effect, apparently keeps carpenter bees out.
You say "online masturbation" like that's a bad thing.
Fairness aside, he clearly deserves to be executed for posting that photo on his Facebook account.
PM sent.
That Marcelo dive was excellent though I'm sure he got an earful from his boss afterwards for his poor chestbutting technique.
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