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May be some suggestions on the wine thread. I use Kellermeister but am not thrilled with it. Seems a bit buggy and doesn't export files well.
"Stuffs" is my most favouritest word.
My experience with the QC is quite different. I find the peat is well integrated, and doesn't stick out. The QC also opens up beautifully if you let it sit for a while (i.e. an hour).
Sad to see another star drop out of the World Cup. Strootman, Falcao, Benteke, Zlatan (aka Team Sweden)...who's next? Good to see FIFA clamp down on illegal transfers. Now we'll see if they have the teeth to enforce their decision. If I were a supporter of one of Barca's rivals, though, I wouldn't be gloating just yet. The two big Madrid clubs are also under investigation for exactly the same thing.
I've never heard of this, but it sounds racist. She should be allowed to run with people of all kinds.
Surprised to see so much controversy around the penalty resulting from the foul on Iniesta. The Barca player had a path to the ball and was bodychecked by Alonso, leaving the ref no choice.The other two penalties were iffy. The foul on Ronaldo started outside the area but it could be argued that it continued inside the box. And it was hard to be certain, but it looked like Ramos pulled back Neymar, even if there wasn't much contact.It's too bad the focus here is on the ref...
It's true that a hat trick is devalued when it contains PKs.Also, anyone claiming Messi has rediscovered his form based on his match is clueless. He rediscovered his form ages ago.
This is true but not helpful.
Not all North Americans matter. Costa Ricans fucking MATTER.
I think it comes from people assuming that height is a dimension, as are length and width, and that no dimension should be so uppity as to think it deserves a different final sound than the others.I haven't heard anyone same "timeth" (one syllable) yet so am not sure why this dimension deserves special consideration.
New Posts  All Forums: