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I hope some of us guys are alright.
You should have accepted the criticism and moved on. What if there had been a person in the car that wasn't there, and that person had been Muslim? Then you'd have just committed a hate crime. It was generous of the bystander to not mention this.
Yeah, not sure WTF is up with Turkish football supporters. They seem to almost enjoy wallowing in shit at times. (Witness the whole "Welcome to Hell" shtick.)Edit: Oh, and IB4 "CE that shit!"
Holy shit, is "dat" ever tiresome.
Typical Canadian work ethic.
I have a friend named Florian and he's a very good guy. Perhaps his parents thought to name him that due to they're French.
An apt description. It's too bad there's no one around on SF anymore who lacks a sense of humour.
You debate shoe construction on another forum?
This is a good exchange. You should send them all three in the hope of receiving three hundred in return.
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