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Even Roy Keane admits that Ferguson managed the situation brilliantly. As much as I know violence is wrong wrong wrong, I have to admit this whole incident didn't do any harm to my perception of M. Cantona. (Full disclosure: I'm a Man U supporter.)The full article from Williams is worth a read and is here: http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/a-martyr-to-his-own-myth--football-1570233.html.
I am a fan of both Subway restaurants and The Subway Series of Posts.Part four was excellent but a bit of a cliffhanger; who did Find Finn ask the Sandwich Artist to direct his sandwich to?
This weekend will mark the 20th anniversary of Cantona's Crystal Palace kung-fu exhibition. Damn, I'm getting old.My favourite quote from the whole affair comes from Richard Williams:
I hope there is more to come on this story.
People shouldn't be used as snow plows.
Hold out for another month or two and that C$600 could be closer to US$400.
Leatherfoot in Toronto has a good selection of Carmina, for the next time you make a pilgrimage to your home province.
I have SMH for people who make arguments without understanding legal precedent. Nix v. Hedden established that a tomato is both a fruit and a vegetable. (As I'm sure the sandwich artist replied.)
A double for Torres! Probably because we were all criticizing him. He owes us.
Is there an equivalent within it to "ABC"?
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