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This is a hot button issue for me. After my wife gave birth I posted a picture of my ripped torso with the caption, "What baby weight? This is only ONE WEEK after becoming a father."People really have a hard time with recognizing aspirational examples.
Was anyone surprised to see Ronaldo break down into a sobby mess when things didn't go his way?And I can't be the only one who knew the draw was sealed in the last minute when Ronaldo stepped up to take the free kick. I'd be interested in seeing his conversion percentage over the past few years.
The bubbler conversation is interesting, but was no one else surprised to learn that Wisconsin had time machines in 1998?
I'll add my voice to the linen fan club. Wearing the indigo today for the first time and I've already had two compliments from strangers.
Very nice! We're planning to go again next year, probably to Provence. Where are you going?
I feel like this advice is usually followed by "anymore".
Not enough players at soccer tonight for a game so we just kicked the ball for a bit then got bored and decided to do a penalty shootout. My turn in net, I reach for a shot above my head and jam my finger on the cross bar, leaving my ring finger pointing 45 degrees backwards. On the plus side, the decrepit Canadian healthcare system provided some solid care.
Be careful. Edina is not an adversary to be underestimated.
Night Court, MrGimpy
New Posts  All Forums: