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Childcare is a PITA but don't forget the longer term cost of stunted career advancement if one parents steps out of the work force for a prolonged period. It could be worth swallowing some exorbitant nanny/daycare costs in the short term.And thanks for sharing the suggestion on an unusual source of funds. Though if you rolled a full-time nanny, I expect you'd recover more cash.
The happy thread is currently flooded with comments about really shitty (in some cases literally) food.
I did it for you.
I'll be spelling my name with a circumflex this month in solidarity with francophones and francophiles around the world: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/feb/05/not-the-oignon-fury-france-changes-2000-spellings-ditches-circumflex. #JeSuisCirconflexe
Did you show them the NHL standings?
woo hoo woo hoo!
Generally when I'm checking into a hotel it's because I'm attending full-day meetings or multi-day conferences. So I completely get how suicide becomes a pretty appealing option.
My company rolled out Office 365 to welcome us back to work in 2016. It took about two weeks to install semi-correctly and still makes random changes here and there. The latest is the elimination of my Quick Launch menu on the task bar and the inability to go further down than one level of folders on the local drive.Refusing to install iTunes is just common sense, though.
Agreed that the smugness probably pissed people off. He looks pretty punchable in the still photos.Pension analyst (i.e. investment analyst at a pension fund) is a real job, though, that does generally involve long-ish hours. Not as long as an analyst at a bank, but something beyond the typical Canadian 17.5-hour 40-hour work week.
Weird coincidence, I have a (female) friend named L'Incandescente who asked me the same question this morning.
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