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This would make me very happy. I'm one of those skinny guys who is reasonably active and the slims are just a bit too tight.
Well done on the flannel trousers, Rick. They look great. Did you get them made up in size 30 Contemporary? I noticed there aren't any on the website.
That sounds exactly like an emo kid.
My routine also depends on conditions. Many of my shoes live in my office during the winter. On the worst days, I wear my steel-toed leather boots that are stuffed with mink oil: If I have meetings outside the office on a slushy day, I'm going to try some Oak Street Trench Boots in CXL this year. I find there's not much judgement about footwear in the winter given the extreme conditions we get. Oh and it's really sad to think about trudging through salty mush when...
I dropped by the downtown store yesterday to have a look at the new sport coats. They're really nice and I ended up going with the navy gun check in Contemporary. The guys (Jason and Simon) were really helpful as always.
While L'Inc was at the Maybach dealership this afternoon, Diderick let me into his apartment to take a picture of the pink sofa for SF's benefit: [[SPOILER]]
And go think about the labourin' man over a long weekend at your million-dollar lakeside cottage while drinking $13 bottles of craft beer.
I like the concept and have already signed up for the pre-order on Amazon but would suggest a title change to Metamorphosis 2: The Creckelting.
During a stage when I was unable to take any relationship seriously, I found a surefire way to scare a woman off. I would tell them I had recently come out of a serious relationship with someone that I was still hung up on. As such, I didn't consider myself right in the mente to begin anything serious.Failing that, you can ask if the they also get messages from news presenters via the medium of wardrobe selection.
A friend told me that the one and only time he did it, people starting speaking to him in the wah-wah voice that the teachers from Charlie Brown TV specials use.
New Posts  All Forums: