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they were likely pinched. these are likely antelope
Great thoughts Crat. thank you for sharing. I love the way cordovan patinas and ages. Well fitting cordovan combined with great trees look fantastic, forever. I have a few great pairs of brown shoes and brown cap toe oxfords, and brown cap toe cordovan boots and want to take part (if possible) in the beautiful whiskey color that C&J cordovan offers (almost ravello-esque). It's the type of boot you can get when you have many others in your stable, so to speak.I don't think...
Beautiful shell colors
what would you think of a somerville in shell. your thoughts on a whiskey shell somerville?
my biggest question is - with the complete refurb, did they include brand new laces?
nice borrelli snag! your size?
I agree with you PCK1 - I will add your name to the interested in finding out more list.@StockwellDay - interested in the Whiskey Cordovan Bal boot?
Crat - how do you like your C&J Somervilles? Which last is your pair on?
lovely wife. nice box
nice to know the Red Sub is highly water resistant
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