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would love to see some of the ciardi jackets made for customers posted here. thanks!
that's awesome rob. they sent the tie back after he wore it? collectors item.
PS - I love the Japanese Shoe Thread - because there is a story there, and there is a lot about artisans
i was referring to his tumblr. never knew of a "vox" IG account.Bertie - you bring up a couple of great points - after 5 years (or more) most of us have the CM thing down pat. not as much to talk about. Very cool that a solid number of "early" posters have turned this into a business and brought a lot of the brands to the USA. I remember back in the day, a lot of people loved incotex and borrelli - now no one mentions these brands anymore really on here. santoni was quite...
I don't know what classic shoes Vox and Will are buying with regularity anymore. I don't know either personally, yet it seems that they have all that they really "need." Their bases were covered years ago likely.I remember when Vox used to post his monthly "kops" of like 10 to 20 pairs of shoes; along with Aportnoy...I agree. There is a lack of emphasis on "classic" clothing. There's a ton of "streetwear for MC / CM" on this side of the forum; much less suiting, etc. Maybe...
at most we need 5 to 10 pairs of shoes - and we'd be able to keep this rotation steady and cover all bases with these pairs for several years. however, most of us live in excess. that's what keeps the economy zipping along. imagine if everyone - if on SF or not - stopped kopping because they didn't need anything else. the world economy would collapse.
after you've purchased all the "classic" shoes, then what?all the "new" styles are mostly "out there"
what other brands exist at the ultra-premium price point?was Bea really worth the price she charged? she was/is at hermes pricing. for that price, often better to go with hermes in my opinion.
this is what they said.
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