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and what would pricing be?resoleable? I'm assuming for those getting cordovan sneakers or exotics that resoleable will be key. any other styles possible other than the one shown?
Would love to see the sneaker stingray sample when you do it. What color are you going to go for - the dark grey standard ray color?
this is sad news
Thank you for such an excellent reply. A SF version of STF might fit within the SF boutique concept...
Love Bel y Cie. Great shop. Love their approach to everything. They used to stock EG (in F width mainly). Do they still?Did you get anything there?
will PM you about this pB
You must not be familiar with the fact that several online shops and retail stores having several rounds of mark downs.this is common practice.I guess you must have just started shopping or "kopping" as you might put it, so pleased to introduce you to this concept.I know that in the past, NMWA has had several iterations of their sales, as others have mentioned on here that items have gone to 40% off original retail pricing. Just asking what the pricing / discount plan was...
will there be further drops?
when will this be on netflix?
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