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sky valet: all the nicer styles are sold out. the less attractive EG styles here are what remain.
Very cool. where did you find yours (which city)?
How does the 82 last compare with the 64 last? which do you prefer?
Congrats Stevent!
Hey Red, Who won the Drakes tie last week?
I've never understood why places press ties.
Their website does not reflect their name. I'd love to see a more elegant website - everything on the website down to their logo feels more walmart than kiton. Maybe it is their Made in India foundation.
I agree with you Steve - this version of the box was going well, a big thank you to all the contributors to this version. Part of the reason this box worked so well is the high quality of the members. Sending a box of ties internationally (mainly across America), there's bound to be some things that come up. Whatever happens with the box showing up or not, Atlas has vowed to make this right, and he's a high character person, so things will go smooth. Part of the TSB...
I agree with Atlas, the quality of the box was quite high. The drakes just added was beautiful and the 7 fold SP navy tie you added looked wonderful. I was looking forward to getting the box, as I was next.
love this
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