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nSuited - still operational? are the main guys, @mainy and @darkmatter7, still active on SF? the website still appears online, not sure how accurate the stock is
Thank you. I reached out - will report back as soon as I hear an update. It might be a few days depending on the responsiveness from C&J. I've already touched base though
Are the pantas direct from Ed?
beautiful galoshes greg
Ordering in a few weeks, time to save up!
Hand grade bevelled sole is available with this boot, we'd lose that handwork with dainite sole
Photo shown is a 363 exclusive handgrade last
Sounds great guys. My pleasure to work with C&J to make this happen.I'll get information on the last options and sole choices and report back.Trees are 50 pounds extra per C&J
These are the intended boots, in whiskey shell.They look beautiful in brown calf and will be amazing in whiskey shell cordovan
Interested in these in Whiskey Shell Cordovan?
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