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+1 on Japanese shoes stocked. Il Micio sells RTW in Tokyo at FANTASTIC pricing. NMWA has a relationship with Il Micio already. Would be great to see some shoes stocked at similarly fantastic pricing ($800ish)
The high rise on the trou looks great
I would share that the top two buttons need to be about 3/4s of an inch higher up and about 1.75 inches to the right and left respectively to get the right button stance
Hard to tell if the photo of the wife in the coat adds heft without us seeing a photo of the wife without the coat on.
what is "stitchdown"?
Young, hope all is going great with mommy and new baby. Following up here for photos
would this fit you in their new resin lasts?
clematis RTW for 800 USD: https://www.instagram.com/p/BDvoalDte-i/
you think better stitching and better leather don't count?do nice lasts count? nice styles?
dandy shoe care
New Posts  All Forums: