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How are the soles?
Saw a display in isetan Kyoto. Really stunning work
Miyagi Kogyo has a dover model for $550... Looks well made. @nutcracker what are your insights into their construction? Are they really on par with Edward green? What about the leather used?
The question is: when?US jobs market data Friday sent the dollar into a tailspin.
Welcome back!Recession time is what you were thinking?
my faves remaining: Zegna 100% wool navy with white/light grey speck, kind of like a denim effect. 10oz. $90/yd Irish Linen, 10oz, chocolate brown "sharkskin". Perfect for a jacket, pants or a suit. Terrific color that is hard to photograph $60/yd. Brown plaid Kiton Diamante Blue super 150's brown plaid suiting, soft, woolen finish. Makes a gorgeous suit. Two pieces, one is 3 3/8 yards ($400) Ed, do you still do custom suiting for clients?
How much is EG charging now for recrafting?
PM sent
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