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I don't think you are giving these shoes enough credit. they look fab
It seems to have affected the bigger sizes (anything over UK 9.5) more so than small footed guys.10/10.5 E went from 12.25" x 4.25" (wooden last) to 12.5" x 4.5" (resin last)10/10.5D is now 12.25 x 4" (resin last)9.5/10.0E is now 12.25 x 4" (resin last)I'm guessing that 9.5/10.0F is 12.25" x 4.25"? Not willing to try, as I've tried the three sizes in resin lasts listed above, without success. I have plenty of EGs pre-resin, will ride those out for the time being...
great green color
He has left the Armoury and started ST. Crispisins of the Americas. I did suggest that to him before he did it.
Red left
Does Unipair still exist?
might as well fly to Paris...
like this a lot
Could you share eta and pricing via pm?
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