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leaves - will you stock any more edward green loafers as you've done in the past?
Appreciate it Shaya!
any chance at applewood solid stick talarico umbrellas?
what do you like most about that model?
how do I get a personal last through skoak if I'm in the US?
for the 305, could we do suede and canvas? what canvas and suedes does st. c have?
633 is awesome. so is the 645. the heel counter on the 645 is kinda off though... leaves - with the mto, can we request pret-type adjustments (little more space on pinky toes), and bigger heel counter on the 645 (and different heel counter shape) I also like the 315, the 574, and the 305
a bargain is a bargain...
is that purple zegna cashmere 100% cashmere? is it a six fold? Awesome hand printed italian silks - love the first one!
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