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any photos of this?
I've seen shell cordovan done like the EG piecrust with a beautiful outcome.... believe it was by a japanese maker.
or forest mysore heart: with deep purple thread: also ready to put in that watch strap order
what's the pricepoint of these little hearts? I have a cool idea - if these could be worn as a bracelet or purse hang charm.could you do a dark green chagrin with blind stamped names on either side?
They can do it in Shell cordovan?
Strange. that is a huge sum spent.
you are ridiculously prolific
I thought that it was strange/out of character that he did not contribute to this year's charity auction. That was the first sign of concern.It would be nice if someone could call him next week. The fact that orders are being fulfilled without emails being answered makes me think someone else is helping out while Shaya is out of commission.
fok@LA Guy could possibly help here.I know people have gone to his shop and met him. He seems to be a standup guy. some shared he had/has health problems. wishing him all the best
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