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The one challenge is VASS always seem to have a small degree of variance due to being handmade, so sizing can sometimes be different by small amounts (usually quarter size)
Love this look
Greg, I thought you meant the SF Family.
I agree - love Greg's NMWA and have purchased from them on several occasions. Great people. Friendly and received my items well.Greg's personality makes it fun to support a great person.I did not mention any other retailers by name. However, most know that others sell Vass, that is just a fact. It would be awesome if there were unique aspects such as custom leathers or make ups from NMWA.
The new tax free limit us $800, don't most Vass come in under that threshold?Aren't other SF retailers also "famly"?
other retailers also offer these though.
I agree with Greg. NMWA could corner the VASS GMTO market. Other retailers are already jumping in on this VASS GMTO space. What Greg could offer is unique leathers and makeups exclusive to NMWA. That's where the value is here in my opinion.
Thank you for sharing. Pound for pound, hard to beat Vass. I know you've been a fan of Vass for approximately a decade now.However, don't you think that the iM RTW shoes fill a different niche?The iM shoes RTW at the current exchange rate retail are about $650 from Tomorrowland Tokyo, I believe. They only had a few RTW models on display (about 5 or so), but I thought they were nice and sleek with good leathers.What are your thoughts on Clematis RTW?
I have handled them in person. I thought they were very nice. Was unable to try on, as unfortunately, they don't stock my size in Japan really - 10.5 to 11 US.I thought that the styling was great. Did not look into the build / construction. The leathers looked amazing.What were your thoughts Greg? Sounds like you thought they needed some improvement?Another thought:What about stocking Clementis RTW?
valextra croc belt with a diamond: MSRP 14k http://www.ebay.com/itm/Authentic-Valextra-Crocodile-Leather-Belt-Diamond-Limited-Edition-Made-In-Italy/152363883463
New Posts  All Forums: