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NO is in the west. Conley and Rubio are better than IT. So is the PG from NO.
sorry. tony parkour is much better than IT2. forget metrics. I'm talking winning and balling when it counts. PG is the player most responsible for team success in my opinion, as they are the engine of the team. dragic is better than IT2 also. So is rubio. So is Bledsoe. So is the guy on NO.
i think exum could be the next kobe. he has the tools.
not top 5 pg in the west good by any stretch. a poor man's tj ford.
IT2 is a small, ball hogging guard, with poor defense. he's not CP3
looking good G. sorry I had forgotten that you swapped. it's been awhile.
Gyasih - great! Panta is yours! Red, please pm Atlas so he gets in on this
Hi G - did you swap this past round? If so - cool with swap! If you didn't swap, then sorry.
OK everyone, after conversation with Red, we have agreed that anyone who has contributed to the box during this round - in the spirit of completing the swappage - You may pick a tie or two (other than one you contributed) to complete this iteration of the box. It is best to select one YHNT - as they helped sponsor the box, and one other tie that you didn't contribute. Please make you selections here in the thread. There are some nice ties left in the box. Please also...
New Posts  All Forums: