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what size is the black pair?
"Found" with the luggage? Someone is looking for their stuff (two pairs of cleverley shoes) - and you got them.
spoo - I like that white-tee with the numbaz all up in the collar. quanto?
why would the original owner sell his bespoke shoes out of the back of a truck, or car boot? and for 25 quid? yes, these were not likely sold by the original owner.
That sounds wonderful ED. very serious
they were likely pinched. these are likely antelope
Great thoughts Crat. thank you for sharing. I love the way cordovan patinas and ages. Well fitting cordovan combined with great trees look fantastic, forever. I have a few great pairs of brown shoes and brown cap toe oxfords, and brown cap toe cordovan boots and want to take part (if possible) in the beautiful whiskey color that C&J cordovan offers (almost ravello-esque). It's the type of boot you can get when you have many others in your stable, so to speak.I don't think...
Beautiful shell colors
what would you think of a somerville in shell. your thoughts on a whiskey shell somerville?
my biggest question is - with the complete refurb, did they include brand new laces?
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