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Wow. Order placed just last week (Thursday I think) - and package received today. Ultra fast shipping, professional service, great communication, and excellent product. I purchase this tie: http://www.exquisitetrimmings.com/products/Ties/Solid-Navy-Pure-Wool-Handrolled-8cm.html And a Rubi pocket square. Love it. Wore both this evening to a talk I gave. Went nicely. Thank you Shaya
pull wordpress
zach is awesome. he's with the armoury.
Thank you for sharing Farhad. CJ does grained boots very well!
Those are wonderful points Crat. I love cordovan when it fits right (snug) and doesn't get unseemly ripples. I find the best material & makeup for this is a captoe oxford/balmoral - limiting the ripples and flex to just behind the toecap with proper fit. Proper feet and fit and trees reduce creasing. Creases do add character though, and are part of the appeal!Cordovan and demin - yes. Sometimes one might want to wear something dressier as footwear with denim. That's when...
Whiskey shell cordovan would look nice on you
nice code!
nice coat.
Can I see the C&J for Holland and Holland boots?
beautiful case. love the look. the scratches don't look bad. consider it patina. I'm sure others might have some thoughts, I use Saphir reno on my cases, with a little wax, and have had nice results.
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