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these are bigger due to the new resin lasts
like this a lot
Could you share eta and pricing via pm?
Can you share more about the purple-blue cash with white. Could that be done as a 7 fold handrolled
Harry, these are of course gorgeous. Went online to your site to pre-order, but not seeing these listed. Can you please share the link with us?
Thank you Parker. Wife and daughter loved their V-day gifts. Pure class, and a fantastic artisan.
You pay for reliability. More expensive = more reliable. This is an amazingly thoughtful gift, however, due to the logistics you mentioned at the pricepoint you mentioned, this may not turn out the way you would like. If you had unlimited budget, I would recommend Rubinacci or Attolini based upon likely reliability.
I wonder if he just got a new job that's keeping him busy? Or if he went Howard Yount on us all?
this pricing is incredible
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