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they are $180 now
very nice Brian!
steve - this is a stock model: http://www.carmina.telemaco.es/articulo.asp?idarticulo=3476662 do you have access to the carmina stock stuff too? This is the shoe version of that bal boot.
anyone interested in a group MTO of these bals in dark ruby / light burgundy / oxblood cordovan in the forest last?
we should do ruby shell while it is available...
this is my favorite model, design and last wise. the others are too snouty.
which french calf were you working with?
a little too small for you?
these are great. GLWS!
This box has nine lives. Somehow it showed up, sealed, all ties in place. We are back on track! I will personally hand this over to Red when I'm in NY next.
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