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Wow, that is sharp!
Can you post a waist measurement on the nudie jeans?
What's the material on the paul smith? Can't tell from the pics. Is it a flat black cotton?
Are these still FS? Not marked sold.
A pair is two, so do you mean two pairs = 2 total or 4 total?
Quote: Originally Posted by sloane3 Will you take $80 by PayPal? lol..
Wow, very nice laptop!!
#5 size 15.5 measurements would be nice.
Can you measure the waist on the Seven's? I have a pair right now that are 32's that are too big so I'm curious how the 31's compare. Also, button or zip fly? Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by Francis91 Effen Black Cherry Effen Raspberry Grey Goose Malibu Rum Patron Chivas Regal Johnny Walker Black Label I'm a fan of the Effen but can't handle the Malibu.. Try the black cherry Effen from the freezer with coke or diet coke, very good.
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