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Have any of you been on a guided trip? I have been fly fishing for a couple years now. However, I feel like I really lack some basic skills. My cast is great, but I think I could use a good guide to kind of coach me through some stuff for the day. After a guided trip, I would at least know that Im doing things correctly.
Anyone have a medium travel bag? Im looking for something to travel with, but not sure how much I could fit in it... Also, in regards to the outfitter bag. Would you guys worry about dress shoes being ruined if stored in the bottom compartment?
Once you get the notification that you got the 100 dollar credit, just go ahead and place an order. It will show on your bank account that it went through for the full amount, but when it clears, it will take the 100 off the total charge.
Quit being a dick. This is a Filson thread. Not a "tell me that my stuff is inferior" to another brand thread.Also, people buy Filson, not only because it's extremely durable, but they also have some of the best customer service around. Oh, and its made in the good old USA.
Just got an Espro (big 40 0z version) from my brother. Pretty amazing press; no silt and keeps coffee hot. Anyone else use one?
I would like to try drinking more scotch, I have only tried Dewars and found it pretty enjoyable. For under ~$35 what would be the top 3 to try?
Fo' free!
Well, I eagerly await the finished product ... or just photos!
I am no "aficionado", but if I buy a 10 box or a multi pack; I'll let a couple to sit in my humidor and age. I have some that are 3 years old, which is nothing compared to some guys. I wish I had enough money to buy by the boxful and let them age for like 5+ years... maybe some day. Also, If you need someone to test your humidor in the midwest, just let me know, and I will gladly do it for you.
Looking to purchase a duffle. Cant decide on small or medium. Mostly would be used as a weekender type bag. Possible comparison picture? Also, do we know if Cranes has a current discount code?
New Posts  All Forums: