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I would like to try drinking more scotch, I have only tried Dewars and found it pretty enjoyable. For under ~$35 what would be the top 3 to try?
Fo' free!
Well, I eagerly await the finished product ... or just photos!
I am no "aficionado", but if I buy a 10 box or a multi pack; I'll let a couple to sit in my humidor and age. I have some that are 3 years old, which is nothing compared to some guys. I wish I had enough money to buy by the boxful and let them age for like 5+ years... maybe some day. Also, If you need someone to test your humidor in the midwest, just let me know, and I will gladly do it for you.
Looking to purchase a duffle. Cant decide on small or medium. Mostly would be used as a weekender type bag. Possible comparison picture? Also, do we know if Cranes has a current discount code?
+1Looks good, fast, and the frothed milk is great in my opinion.
Probably mentioned already, but the Allen Edmonds site has some deals on their polish. Some colors are only a dollar.
My grandma has this painting that I have always been fond of. Just trying to find more info on it or the artist. The only thing I know is the artist. E. Ward. Any info would be cool.
What color heel dressing for the Gramercy? Neutral or brown?
Montecristo #3. Any good?
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