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Looking to purchase a duffle. Cant decide on small or medium. Mostly would be used as a weekender type bag. Possible comparison picture? Also, do we know if Cranes has a current discount code?
+1Looks good, fast, and the frothed milk is great in my opinion.
Probably mentioned already, but the Allen Edmonds site has some deals on their polish. Some colors are only a dollar.
My grandma has this painting that I have always been fond of. Just trying to find more info on it or the artist. The only thing I know is the artist. E. Ward. Any info would be cool.
What color heel dressing for the Gramercy? Neutral or brown?
Montecristo #3. Any good?
Tried the blue lungo capsule this morning--woof, it was awful. Also, anyone having issed with the status website for the Nespresso $100 credit?
Yeah, those are both on my list to try this week. What capsules do you guys like to use for lattes, and which do you generally drink straight? Edit: Indriya is amazing. Gave me a big caffeine buzz.
Top three are currently: -Roma -Arpeggio -Ristretto (I thought this was going to be super strong) Tonight, Im going to try a single origin (Indriya). I havent tried one capsule that I didnt like--Although, I havent tried the lungos or Decaf flavors yet...
Dang, that would be an outrageously good deal if it goes through. I would have thought the purchaser had to pay out at least 199.
New Posts  All Forums: