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Rambo, levis had it for 113.xx (xxl only) Unfortuanltely, Filson is out of large. How confident are you that medium would be a good fit?
Alright, like an idiot I waited to buy the trucker jacket in tan (size large). Levis just had them on sale for 100 bucks. However, now I cant find one anywhere. Does anyone know where I could find one? Any help would be awesome. Thanks. Also, I'm 5'9 and about 170. I should be getting a large, right?
From what I've seen, the duffle would be too big, plus it doesn't have an organization. The medium traveler has 4 outside pockets, and 2 inside. My laptop (15 inch MBP) fits in one the interior or exterior. Here's a picture of a stuffed medium duffle.
^ I would say that the medium duffle is too big. I just got the Medium traveler, and its a great size. Probably a bit big for the gym, but it would work. The levis colab looks nice too.
Double post
I'll try to pist some pictures sometime this week. I have yet to use it for travel. But Ill show you just how much stuff it fits.
Just got my new medium traveler from cranes. This bag is awesome. Fits way more than i thought it would. I'll post more pics if anyone is interested.
So I currently have a filson small carry on, and it's a great bag. But its really not cutting it anymore for my overnight- multi day trips. I'm trying to decide between the Medium Travler and the medium duffle. I was once told that the traveler is nicer because it's a bit more structured. Which of the two bags would choose if you were in my situation and why? Thanks.
So, I'm looking to get a new "casual watch" I have pretty much narrowed it down to 2 seikos. I Plan on switching the band out for a thick panerai style strap. Here are the two watches. and here is a picture of a watch with the color/style band I'd like. Alright, what do you guys think? Also, as far as the seiko diver goes. Do you think it would look better with the "pepsi" colors, blue/red, or a all black? Thanks
I agree. I just need to get over the whole "where it's made" thing.
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