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Aieyric, those look amazing. I can't believe I didn't see these shoes earlier. Don't ever order internationally, so Im not sure. But will I have to pay a customs duty? Im in the states.
Looking to pick up a pair of the brown double monks. Have a couple questions. I usually take a 9.5D in Allen Edmonds- any sizing recommendations? Also, is it simple and painless getting them shipped to the states?
Just seeing what you guys would do if you were me. Im 25, and just seeing how you think I should best allocate my 401k. I've been doing alright over the years, just want to see what you guys think. Here are the choices through John Hancock  
As others have said, practice, practice, practice. Also, if you have a Orvis store in the area, you may want to check with them. I took a FREE class from them, which went over basic casting, and to be honest, it was really helpful. Its called something like "Fly Fishing 101", and then they also have a 201 where they take you on the water (okay, a pond). Regardless, its worth checking out. I also took a free fly tying class there which went over basics.
That is quite a fancy lanyard. I think those look to be a bit much. I have something like this... but mine has a place for tippet spools.
Looks like a pretty cool film. Maybe its just the "Inception" score in the background.
I have a lanyard that I purchased from some ladies on eBay. While they may look a bit ridiculous, they are nice for the minimal/ short outing days. Hold just the essentials. Nippers, tippit, floatant, and some flies.
Totally Agree. I generally end up bringing my waist pack with everywhere though, as I'm diabetic and have to carry some supplies...
This is completely random, but since this is a "style" forum I thought it was mildly relevant. Anyhow, I have noticed that style wise, that there are three types of fly fishers. 1) Classic- vest, fishing shirt, creel (kind joking there), But I think you get the picture 2) Sportsman- The guys who head to the river in all camouflage. 3)New age- The guys who like all the cool technical gear (think patagonia and simms) Do you guys tend to agree? I personally fit in the "new...
Good to know. When trout fishing, which is not that often, I freak out about using the right/ wrong fly, and how Im fishing it.How did you get "good" at choosing the right fly? I know the whole "match the hatch" bit, but there is just so much to learn!I'm located in Southeastern Wisconsin.
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