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Sorry, I was a bit unclear. Whenever I try to bull the toe i always end up going king of crooked. I agree, fading into the vamp looks good.
Hey guys, Two questions. 1) Just got some of the adjustable shoe trees from AE, and the toe seems very thin on them, so they dont fill the toe are much. This is alright as the toe doesn't get all bent out of shape, right? I assume only last style shoe trees will fill the toe box. 2) When bulling the toe on shoes without a cap-- any suggestions on how to get a nice even line across the shoe, or is it just kind of trial and error? Thanks!
Hey guys, wanting to order the double monks. However, I'm stuck on sizing. I wear a 9.5 in Allen Edmonds. Should I be getting a 8.5 in the Meermin? Also, I noticed the hiro last an E width, I usually wear a D; will I be okay with these?
Does anyone get their cigars vacuum or nitrogen packed?
So random question. I bought the Gramercy in like September. Anyhow, the color on them is Dublin Cognac. Do you think its the same horween Dublin leather used here ?
Should have clarified. My jacket will be delivered on Tuesday. I'll try and post some pictures then. I'm hoping the large fits, but wouldn't be surprised if I had to exchange it for a medium.
Alright. So I basically just want to make sure I know the company and show up with a list of questions. Cool.
Thanks guys. Do I really need to be prepared with lots of questions, or will they kind of do most of the question asking? I'm just hearing different things on different sites.
Next week I have an informational interview at an advertising agency. I'm looking to getting in to the account side of things. Anyhow, I have never had an information interview. What I have gathered is that I basically kind of just talk to them about the company and where I might fit in. Is that correct? Any pointers or things that would help me be prepared would be fantastic. Thanks.
Got my hands on a large. I have the feeling it's going to fit a little better than a medium would have. Ill report back when I get it.
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