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Wow,that collection is long have yo been collecting? Just got done smoking a RP 1990.I have not been smoking long at all so im still trying to figure out if im tasting the things im suppose too.once it got past the first 3rd,i was tasting cedar,espresso,a little chocolate.Do those seem about right for that cigar?
My brother is going to be in Germany in march,will it be possible for him to bring me back some cubans to the states for me?
2 on the treadmill today.I hate running.Hopefully it will get more enjoyable when im not sucking air
So if it is just because of the extra testosterone,do you think that it will eventually even out(if that makes sense ) if i keep working out? Also after reading that link,do you guys take protein or just get it form things like fish and meat?
So I started taking protein again(bsn syntha 6) and It seems that my face has been breaking out.I dont know if its just a coincidence or what? Has this happened to anyone else ?
So i just smoked one fo the cohibas,it was pretty bad,no taste at all.Very bland and had the same bland taste throughout.damn
Quote: Originally Posted by fcuknu you still paid too much... Shitty smokes? What do you guys think of this Rocky Patel sampler at
Picked up a few cigars today: -3 Cohiba robusto(3 pack,which was on sale) -Montecristo #2 -Cuvee Blanc
Wally,the design is awesome.although i dont know what kind of resale it would have.
So I came across this workout on mens health,I was wondering if you guys think it would be a good full body workout.I would also add cardio several times a week. Just click on the day to see days workout.
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