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So I started taking protein again(bsn syntha 6) and It seems that my face has been breaking out.I dont know if its just a coincidence or what? Has this happened to anyone else ?
So i just smoked one fo the cohibas,it was pretty bad,no taste at all.Very bland and had the same bland taste throughout.damn
Quote: Originally Posted by fcuknu you still paid too much... Shitty smokes? What do you guys think of this Rocky Patel sampler at CI.com http://www.cigarsinternational.com/html/spec_wkly.asp
Picked up a few cigars today: -3 Cohiba robusto(3 pack,which was on sale) -Montecristo #2 -Cuvee Blanc
Wally,the design is awesome.although i dont know what kind of resale it would have.
So I came across this workout on mens health,I was wondering if you guys think it would be a good full body workout.I would also add cardio several times a week. Just click on the day to see days workout. http://www.menshealth.com/mhlists/Ja..._s_Workout.php
I have been getting into wine lately and I find it is just best to try a bunch of different wines,and see which you like best.But I think Im going to get a book since I want to know more.
Just smoked a Oliva master blend #3.I got it from a relative and it was a bit dry,so it wasnt so great.It burned pretty uneven as well,which I read is a problem with the particular cigar. Can anybody recommend a "creamy" cigar?
Blistex medicated is what i carry in my pocket,and I use Aquaphor when i have severely chapped lips or just at night before bed.
Most recent is Grand Marnier neat
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