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Recently got into wines,and picked up some Jonesy port,its cheap,but I think it tastes great.
So i have yet another beginner question for you guys.I really like smoking cigars,but I cant help spit very often.Will this go away the more I smoke,or are the cigars to heavy for me?
So i know i shouldn't store flavored cigars with regular.I recently got a old humidor.I was wondering if anyone has any solutions to keep them "seperate" in the humidor,or is the plastic wrapping enough to keep them from mixing?
Quote: Originally Posted by fcuknu Dont Smoke acid cigars, or any flavored cigar for that matter. I would probably suggest www.cigarsinternational.com if you are a newbie. They always have specials and have hundreds of brands. Thanks for the suggestion.Can you suggest a few good cigars that i can stock up on that wont break the bank?Maybe a assortment bundle?
Im pretty new to the cigar world and since my only local shop closed,I am left with nowhere to buy, what is the best online shop?Also what do you guys think of the Acid Blondie,its probably shit compared to what you gentleman smoke,but i liked it for one of my first.
I put it on after a shower and then at night after i wash my face at night.
Quote: Originally Posted by sydneycentric Do you normally get along with your sister well? If you do, choose the right time (if there is such a thing) to talk to her about the effect she is having on your family. Thanks for the reply.I have done that and she doesnt think think she is doing anything wrong.Im pretty sure she doesnt care that she is making her family.
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 don;t even know where to begin. you have somewhere you can stay? Yea,I live at home because my school is so close.I am pretty much what keeps them from killing eachother.
Ok,so i little background first.I live at home with my mom,dad,and sister who is 17,almost 18. Over the last 8 months or so she has basically just ruined every bodies life. She doesn't listen to anybody,she is basically failing out of high school and hangs around with these loser thugs.I don't know what her plans are for the future but they are not looking good. She skips school and doesn't come home some nights.I really wish i could say i don't care but i am not like...
I try to get about 8 hours a night.But with school and work it sometimes is hard to do.
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