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So,as some of you may recall I posted a while back saying that I like the Acid Blondies,since I started smoking good cigars semi regularly I havent had a Acid Blondie UNTIL tonight,I just wanted to see what I thought of them now.SHITTY,I really did not enjoy it at all.Very bland tasting.
Desert boots if anything
^Alright,thanks.I will give it a few days.
Alright,yesterday I had my rant about my humidity beads.So yesterday around 1pm i put the distilled water in the tube and most are clear.Well today,my hydrometer is reading about 60%. Does it take a few days for them to work or what?
like this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZA1NoOOoaNw
Haha,yeah....well,maybe ill just buy some 65% beads and save the 70% for a small coolidor or something.My desktop humidor only holds like 30 cigars,and I plan on buying a few boxes soon.
So,today I got my order from Heartfelt,I received my palio cutter and a tube of 70% humidity beads.The cutter is sharp as hell.Doesnt even require you to cut the cap off fast.Very pleased.Now on the other hand,I am kinda if regret getting the 70% humi beads,should have gone with the 65%.Heres some shitty pics of the cutter.
Watched "Im not there",the Bob Dylan movie.Cate Blanchett was pretty amazing.
2.5 on the treadmill today.Way to cold to run outdoors.
Quote: Originally Posted by jjgold yes the cold will ruin the cigar while you are smoking it OK,thanks.I love Wisconsin.
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