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Like others have stated,some acing was bad,but overall the movie was good.
1997 Altima. pure performance
I know there is another thread,but it didn't answer my question.I am getting some NS tomorrow and want to get them hemmed,they wont shrink in length will they?Also about how much length should I expect to lose from the knee combs?Thanks
I know this sounds dumb,but why do most pros use the santoku,or am i wrong?
This year for christmas I bought my dad some Global knives,it was a set of 3.he set was suppose to include a santoku,but came with a regular chef knife instead.Should I just give him the set with the regular or are santoku better?
I want to start trying some whisky,can you guys recommend a good on thats not too harsh?
Recently got into wines,and picked up some Jonesy port,its cheap,but I think it tastes great.
So i have yet another beginner question for you guys.I really like smoking cigars,but I cant help spit very often.Will this go away the more I smoke,or are the cigars to heavy for me?
So i know i shouldn't store flavored cigars with regular.I recently got a old humidor.I was wondering if anyone has any solutions to keep them "seperate" in the humidor,or is the plastic wrapping enough to keep them from mixing?
Quote: Originally Posted by fcuknu Dont Smoke acid cigars, or any flavored cigar for that matter. I would probably suggest www.cigarsinternational.com if you are a newbie. They always have specials and have hundreds of brands. Thanks for the suggestion.Can you suggest a few good cigars that i can stock up on that wont break the bank?Maybe a assortment bundle?
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