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Thoughts on these? Polo 5016
What do you guys do to store your boxes of smokes,do you have a coolidor or a wood cabinet?Im thinking of having my dad TRY to build a small cabinet,but then I may just spend the hour setting up a coolidor.
Smoked a Padron 3000 last night,which was good.Very woodsy,or so i thought. Today,I went to a cigar shop that I just found out about.Got some good stuff. Ashton VSG Rp Edge Joya De Nicaragua Hoyo De Monterry Excalibur and a Colibri Reload,which was like 60% off.
So,there really is not official tobacco store where I live,but there is a italian grocery store where I go and buy cigars.Today I nonticed that the cabinets in which all of the cigars were stored was at like 47%.I was shocked.I have about 10 cigars from there.Should I just let them sit in my humidor for a few months or are they ok?They dont seem dry,nor are they cracking.
So,as some of you may recall I posted a while back saying that I like the Acid Blondies,since I started smoking good cigars semi regularly I havent had a Acid Blondie UNTIL tonight,I just wanted to see what I thought of them now.SHITTY,I really did not enjoy it at all.Very bland tasting.
Desert boots if anything
^Alright,thanks.I will give it a few days.
Alright,yesterday I had my rant about my humidity beads.So yesterday around 1pm i put the distilled water in the tube and most are clear.Well today,my hydrometer is reading about 60%. Does it take a few days for them to work or what?
like this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZA1NoOOoaNw
Haha,yeah....well,maybe ill just buy some 65% beads and save the 70% for a small coolidor or something.My desktop humidor only holds like 30 cigars,and I plan on buying a few boxes soon.
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