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Just got my new medium traveler from cranes. This bag is awesome. Fits way more than i thought it would. I'll post more pics if anyone is interested.
Generally wear a 9.5 us in AE, what size should I get in the double monks?
So I currently have a filson small carry on, and it's a great bag. But its really not cutting it anymore for my overnight- multi day trips. I'm trying to decide between the Medium Travler and the medium duffle. I was once told that the traveler is nicer because it's a bit more structured. Which of the two bags would choose if you were in my situation and why? Thanks.
So, I'm looking to get a new "casual watch" I have pretty much narrowed it down to 2 seikos. I Plan on switching the band out for a thick panerai style strap. Here are the two watches. and here is a picture of a watch with the color/style band I'd like. Alright, what do you guys think? Also, as far as the seiko diver goes. Do you think it would look better with the "pepsi" colors, blue/red, or a all black? Thanks
I agree. I just need to get over the whole "where it's made" thing.
Not sure if has been discussed. However, I saw a comment on a random blog saying that these Meermin are made in China, and "finished" in Spain. Does this hold any truth? Comment from a guy named Mike... http://www.thesimplyrefined.com/meermin-double-monks/
Dang! So really a pair of the double monks shipped to the states would end up being almost 300 shipped.
Aieyric, those look amazing. I can't believe I didn't see these shoes earlier. Don't ever order internationally, so Im not sure. But will I have to pay a customs duty? Im in the states.
Looking to pick up a pair of the brown double monks. Have a couple questions. I usually take a 9.5D in Allen Edmonds- any sizing recommendations? Also, is it simple and painless getting them shipped to the states?
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