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Well, I got the smalls and they look like they would fit a childrens shoe. Got the mediums, and they are still not anywhere near tight. Could try a large, but will most likely just stick with the AE shoe trees...
Are most US residents getting hit with the customs fee?
Hmm, well I ordered a small last night... We shall see once my shoes arrive--if ever!Thanks.
Would you go for a S or M for an 8.5 in the meermin Double monk? Just a little thrown off as Meermin claims the hiro last is a E. http://www.woodlore.com/mens-epic-twin-tube-shoe-tree-pair/
Thanks for the tips guys! I'm going to give it a shot tomorrow... Yet another question. In anticipation for my new meermin double monks (size uk 8.5) I'm looking to order some of the woodlore epic shoe trees. The only problem I have is sizing. It seems like everyone says the sizing is off. Meermin says the Hiro last is a e width... Small or medium? http://www.woodlore.com/mens-epic-twin-tube-shoe-tree-pair/ Or would these AE combo trees work just...
^ Wow. those look amazing! I hope to one day be able to get a nice shine like that.
Sorry, I was a bit unclear. Whenever I try to bull the toe i always end up going king of crooked. I agree, fading into the vamp looks good.
Hey guys, Two questions. 1) Just got some of the adjustable shoe trees from AE, and the toe seems very thin on them, so they dont fill the toe are much. This is alright as the toe doesn't get all bent out of shape, right? I assume only last style shoe trees will fill the toe box. 2) When bulling the toe on shoes without a cap-- any suggestions on how to get a nice even line across the shoe, or is it just kind of trial and error? Thanks!
Hey guys, wanting to order the double monks. However, I'm stuck on sizing. I wear a 9.5 in Allen Edmonds. Should I be getting a 8.5 in the Meermin? Also, I noticed the hiro last an E width, I usually wear a D; will I be okay with these?
Does anyone get their cigars vacuum or nitrogen packed?
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