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Does anyone get their cigars vacuum or nitrogen packed?
So random question. I bought the Gramercy in like September. Anyhow, the color on them is Dublin Cognac. Do you think its the same horween Dublin leather used here http://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline/producti_SF4035_1_40000000001_-1 ?
Should have clarified. My jacket will be delivered on Tuesday. I'll try and post some pictures then. I'm hoping the large fits, but wouldn't be surprised if I had to exchange it for a medium.
Alright. So I basically just want to make sure I know the company and show up with a list of questions. Cool.
Thanks guys. Do I really need to be prepared with lots of questions, or will they kind of do most of the question asking? I'm just hearing different things on different sites.
Next week I have an informational interview at an advertising agency. I'm looking to getting in to the account side of things. Anyhow, I have never had an information interview. What I have gathered is that I basically kind of just talk to them about the company and where I might fit in. Is that correct? Any pointers or things that would help me be prepared would be fantastic. Thanks.
Got my hands on a large. I have the feeling it's going to fit a little better than a medium would have. Ill report back when I get it.
Sorry its taken so long for the pictures. Anyway, here are some pictures to show the size of the Medium travler. I didnt pack it very full, but just to get a general idea of what it can hold I included: 1 pair of percells 12 t-shirts 5 pairs of chinos 1 sweater And there is still plenty of room for undies, socks, and a dopp kit. Plus room in the exterior pockets.
Thanks for the pictures. I'm betting a medium will be a bit tight on me, but I'm sure I can always get rid of it.
Any idea if the outlet have the Beaufort on sale? If so how much?
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