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In the market for a new camera. I'd prefer not to go for a full size DSLR like the Canon T3i, although it is an option. I was wondering what you guys think is the best value mirrorless compact camera with interchangeable lens'. I have been looking and Panasonic, Sony, and Canon mostly, but am open to all brands. And lastly, Id prefer to spend under 4-500. Thanks.
Going to be buying a new shell strap for my seiko diver. But i was wondering, should I go with a zulu or a 2 piece? How do you guys decide which style goes with which watch?
I know. I like them both, but just feel like the pepsi might look cheesy or might get sick of it.
I already asked in a another thread, but, I'm looking to pick up either a Seiko SKX007 or 009. I just cant decide. regardless of the color, I plan on putting a brown leather band on it. Now, I never wear black clothing. Black or Pepsi?
Looking to just get a cheap seiko Skx diver. My question is whether I should get black or a Pepsi dial. I NEVER wear black. And plan on getting a nice brown leather strap. Just wondering what you guys would get. Thanks
I never found any info on it... be sure to check back if you do find out any information.
Yeah, I even had a customer service rep price it out. I could ship them USPS for about $60... but I'm wondering if Meermin would charge me again for an exchange... Just through them on the bay.This is turning into a nightmare.
Sheesh. To return a pair of shoes to Meermin via UPS, it would cost around $185 US. INSANE. I think I'll have to try and move my pair through the bay...
I'm a little confused. As far as exchanges go. Will I have to pay an additional ~$50 for the pari that is sent back?
Got my HF CXL wallet from Chester Mox. It's a really dark green. Although, it doesn't seem to stay aligned very well, is this because the "spine" of the wallet is so soft? Any ide how to avoid this?
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