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So I'm looking to get some decent speakers for my computer, as that's how I play my music. However, I do try to download either lossless or something with a high bit-rate. I also use a fiio E7 DAC, which, I know is not great, but it does help. Anyhow, I'm looking for a decent pair of speakers. My budget is about $250. i've listened to the klipsch promedia 2.1 lots, and think they are great for the price. However, I've read in a few places that it might be a better option...
While you may be correct on the fit. I will politely have to disagree with you on the article I linked. There are a handful of pairs on the page that have them in the same are as mine.
Thanks! I just didn't think it would crease that far up. However, after reading reading this, I'm sure it's just fine.
bought a pair of Mora 2.0 yesterday, and have been wearing them around a bit to break them in. Today I noticed some creasing in the toe box area. Is this normal? The shoe fit seems to be spot on--or so I think.
Nothing fancy like most here, however, I work in the marketing/ advertising department at a credit union (one of the largest in the state). I primarily do video and design work. I hope to one day work at an actual agency as an account rep. I've done a couple of informational interviews and have decided that its the most fitting position for me as I like both the client side of things and the design aspect. I think I'd need to start as an assistant account executive, but...
I'll be flying to Florida this week, and plan on bring some smokes along. My question to you guys is; can I bring my cutter in my carryon? I only ask because I don't plan on checking a bag...
In the market for a new camera. I'd prefer not to go for a full size DSLR like the Canon T3i, although it is an option. I was wondering what you guys think is the best value mirrorless compact camera with interchangeable lens'. I have been looking and Panasonic, Sony, and Canon mostly, but am open to all brands. And lastly, Id prefer to spend under 4-500. Thanks.
Going to be buying a new shell strap for my seiko diver. But i was wondering, should I go with a zulu or a 2 piece? How do you guys decide which style goes with which watch?
I know. I like them both, but just feel like the pepsi might look cheesy or might get sick of it.
I already asked in a another thread, but, I'm looking to pick up either a Seiko SKX007 or 009. I just cant decide. regardless of the color, I plan on putting a brown leather band on it. Now, I never wear black clothing. Black or Pepsi?
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