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Yeah, I even had a customer service rep price it out. I could ship them USPS for about $60... but I'm wondering if Meermin would charge me again for an exchange... Just through them on the bay.This is turning into a nightmare.
Sheesh. To return a pair of shoes to Meermin via UPS, it would cost around $185 US. INSANE. I think I'll have to try and move my pair through the bay...
I'm a little confused. As far as exchanges go. Will I have to pay an additional ~$50 for the pari that is sent back?
Got my HF CXL wallet from Chester Mox. It's a really dark green. Although, it doesn't seem to stay aligned very well, is this because the "spine" of the wallet is so soft? Any ide how to avoid this?
Have any of you had to make a return? Its kind of a lose-lose situation because of the insane shipping costs...
Brand new pair of dark brown Meermin double monks. Beautiful shoes, just a bit too snug for my foot. Just looking to get what I paid for them. ~230 + shipping. Let me know if you have any questions. Link to shoes http://meermin.es/ficha_articulo.php?id=2338
So mad. Waited two months to get my dark brown double monks, and they dont even fit! I usually wear a 9.5D in like AE, and per suggestion, got a 8.5uk... The left foot, which is the smaller of the two barely fits and is really pushing out to the sides on the front. I dont think it's just a "break in" type of issue. I think I'm going to have to get a 9... anyone else have a similar issue? Also, has anyone sent shoes back? Cost to do so? Lastly, if anyone is interested in...
How would you guys carry cash (US Dollar) in this Chester Mox wallet? It doesn't fit very well folded in half. would you just fold it 3 times and slip it into one of the bottom slots, or just sammich it in between the two sides? And tips would be great.
Well, I got the smalls and they look like they would fit a childrens shoe. Got the mediums, and they are still not anywhere near tight. Could try a large, but will most likely just stick with the AE shoe trees...
Are most US residents getting hit with the customs fee?
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