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One more question! When buying sharpening stones, what are the best grits to get for regular maintenance?
That's what I figured. I don't really ever do that, so it's fine. Thanks again for your help. There are just too many damn choices out there!
Thanks again! Decisions, decisions... That was my one concern about the Takamura– seems to be super thin. However, I'm sure it would be fine.As far as not cutting anything hard. What does that generally mean? Chopping through like chicken bones is what cones to my mind.
Awesome! Thanks for the recommendation. Is the Takamura an easy knife to maintain?And just curious, as to why the Takamura is that much better than the Maamoto?
In the market for a new chef knife. Budget is $200 or less. 8 inch. I've been looking around Korin, and a few are standing out to me. Opinions? Other recommendations are welcome. Thanks!
Looking to buy a pair of the Herring's Froswick boots, which are made by Trickers. Does anyone have sizing advice? I usually wear a 9.5D in Allen Edmonds. I've heard the boots are quite spacious and maybe I should size down to a 8.5. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
The only thing that I notices it that it's a tiny bit more work to put it on– kind of like putting on a sport coat.
Looking to buy a Bedale. Can't decide if I want the 38 or 40. The 38 is definitely more fitting, while the 40 is definitely roomier and easier to put on. I had on a undershirt, chambray, and a wool sweater. Which, is probably the most I'd wear under it. Thoughts/ opinions? 38 40
Yeah, I have some family members who get prints from walmart/ walgreens and they look pretty terrible. I went through Mpix and they look amazing.
Same here. Etsy has some great stuff! And to just add to how impressive it is, it's a one man shop.
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