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First attempts with a 10 stop ND. Noticed some vignetting on some of the photos. Seem to happen when i didn't cover the filter. I'm using the square type. Started a Flickr too. https://www.flickr.com/photos/128060282@N08/
Wow, some great stuff posted here. Recently got into photography, and found I like outdoor/ landscape shots. No color correcting or anything, just some graduated filters--which I'm still getting the hang of.
Great! Thanks for the info. I'm from Wisconsin, so I never really deal with extreme heat and humidity. Plus, I sweat easily to begin with... As for dining, the only place I can remember off the top of my head is Dooky Chase-- any good? However, I'll let them know that we'll want to get reservations early on. Any other places you'd recommend for breakfast, lunch, or dinner? It would just be nice to have some options, just in case things don't go exactly as...
No and no. Just going on a road trip... We'll probably be doing most of the touristy type stuff--explore the city during the day French Quarter/ Bourbon St.I'm just concerned about being hot as hell! Like are a lightweight pair of jeans still out of the question?
So, I'll be in New Orleans with some friends next week, and I'm just wondering what to pack? What kind of clothes will i want to bring, and what should stay at home? Thanks!
Basically a brand new pair of Rogue Territory Skinny jeans. size 31 and hemmed with a chain stitch to about a 31.5. I wore them around the house for a few hours, but that's about it. These are really great jeans, but I need a different size. Let me know if you have any questions or want more pictures!
Big fan of using nice paper (and pen). Mostly use Rhodia, as they have such a variety of sizes and types. I use a webbie as kind of a personal journal, and BLOC pads for daily notes. What do you guys like to use, and what notebooks do you use for what?
Hey guys, thanks for the responses. I've decided to give the Audioengine A5+ a try. They're on massdrop, and people seem to love them. Anyhow, now I'm trying to choose a color. Being a style forum, I figured you guys could help. The bamboo is $50 more. I just don't know how the black or white would look in say a living room... thoughts?
I did not name them. They were a special group buy from a website called Urban Daddy. It's basically the same shoe as the AE Macneil, but I beleive they're made from horween Dublin leather...not 100% sure on that.
So I'm looking to get some decent speakers for my computer, as that's how I play my music. However, I do try to download either lossless or something with a high bit-rate. I also use a fiio E7 DAC, which, I know is not great, but it does help. Anyhow, I'm looking for a decent pair of speakers. My budget is about $250. i've listened to the klipsch promedia 2.1 lots, and think they are great for the price. However, I've read in a few places that it might be a better option...
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