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Takamura knives were ordered! I'll post some pictures when they arrive.
Being on Styleforum, we're obviously all into quality, and handmade stuff. I found it super cool that Takamura are all made by a Father and his three son's from start to finish– I guess many knives are made in one spot and finished elsewhere.
Okay, good to know. Way to give me another decision to make! It makes sense, and definitely something to consider– I'm just so used to the 8 inch.
When I purchase a 8 inch gyutou knife, would it be wise to pick up a 5.9 inch petty as well? I use my current chef knife for everything, but there definitely are times when a smaller blade would be beneficial. This is what I'm sold on. http://www.chuboknives.com/products/takamura-r2-two-piece-set#.VkLLjK6rRp8
Good to know, and thanks for making my decision that much more difficult! I know, I'm over thinking this, and any of the knives I used will be great! I did wonder about something while browsing knives. It seems that this 33 layer damascus knife made by hand is everywhere. HOWEVER, it seems to be made by like 3 (that I've seen) makers. Just coincidence and popular look to copy or...
Thanks. When I purchase my new knife i won't be too concerned. However, my parents have a set of Global knives that they got sharpened for free at SurlaTable...I'm pretty sure they just run them through some crappy machine... would a 1,000/ 6,000 combo stone fix them up?
One more question! When buying sharpening stones, what are the best grits to get for regular maintenance?
That's what I figured. I don't really ever do that, so it's fine. Thanks again for your help. There are just too many damn choices out there!
Thanks again! Decisions, decisions... That was my one concern about the Takamura– seems to be super thin. However, I'm sure it would be fine.As far as not cutting anything hard. What does that generally mean? Chopping through like chicken bones is what cones to my mind.
Awesome! Thanks for the recommendation. Is the Takamura an easy knife to maintain?And just curious, as to why the Takamura is that much better than the Maamoto?
New Posts  All Forums: