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So for the last couple of years, I've been using a Filson medium traveler (basically a duffle). Finally realized how nice roller bags are. I've been thinking about an Away bag - seem to be good quality, and they're affordable. Does anyone have any thoughts on this luggage? Also open to other suggestions in the ~200 dollar...
Thanks guys! I decided to just keep them. Started wearing them, and they're great. A little break-in time and they'll be perfect. So as everybody states, the laces that come with the boots are awful. I'm looking to get some waxed laces, but was wondering what length do you all use? The stock laces are about 54 inches, but I feel like they could be a bit shorter. I also, want to get an additional longer pair to try and wrap around the shaft of the boot once. Thanks again!
I think the close trim is the difference between 1 and 2 rows of stitching. Like I said, not a huge deal, but doesn't seem noticeable on other pairs.
Hey Guys, So I got a pair of semi dress from Amazon. Ended up getting them for about $275! Got them today, and out of the box they are pretty damn comfy- once they break in a bit, they'll be even better. So I get that these a work boots, but the finish seems to a little rough. One of the toes has a slightly darker, almost burnished toe. However, it's not that big of a deal. The think i'm wondering is the part under the arch suppose to have all this extra leather kind of...
Takamura knives were ordered! I'll post some pictures when they arrive.
Being on Styleforum, we're obviously all into quality, and handmade stuff. I found it super cool that Takamura are all made by a Father and his three son's from start to finish– I guess many knives are made in one spot and finished elsewhere.
Okay, good to know. Way to give me another decision to make! It makes sense, and definitely something to consider– I'm just so used to the 8 inch.
When I purchase a 8 inch gyutou knife, would it be wise to pick up a 5.9 inch petty as well? I use my current chef knife for everything, but there definitely are times when a smaller blade would be beneficial. This is what I'm sold on.
Good to know, and thanks for making my decision that much more difficult! I know, I'm over thinking this, and any of the knives I used will be great! I did wonder about something while browsing knives. It seems that this 33 layer damascus knife made by hand is everywhere. HOWEVER, it seems to be made by like 3 (that I've seen) makers. Just coincidence and popular look to copy or...
Thanks. When I purchase my new knife i won't be too concerned. However, my parents have a set of Global knives that they got sharpened for free at SurlaTable...I'm pretty sure they just run them through some crappy machine... would a 1,000/ 6,000 combo stone fix them up?
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