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Thanks IC, I'll need all the luck I can get. LOL! Even though the RX1 doesn't have an interchangeable lens the lens that's on it is a good choice for landscapes. It's the camera that I'm after from Sony for the sponsorship I mentioned. Fidel, I've been wanting to replace my P&S camera for a while now and that RX100 looks like a really good choice in my book. Great glass, large sensor and RAW capable.
I'm fairly convinced I'm losing my mind. I just submitted 3 photos in an international competition and I'm going to approach Sony on a sponsorship for my pet project.
They make a lightweight version for the small cameras along with a decent wrist strap. I have a half dozen cameras that I use regularly so I have one strap, a wrist strap and a few fasteners. It simplifies things.
It won't hurt them any. Just make sure they are dry on the inside before you put them in.Patience is a virtue. LOL! I'm not sure how or why all of this size down talk started but it is not something someone should automatically do. I have dealt with a lot of sizing questions and I've recommended a half size down to a half size larger. Never ever have I recommended a full size down.Now just a quick update....I have been wearing my brown 1Ks every day for at least 2 or 3...
I gave up on conventional straps. I went with BlackRapid slings and haven't looked back.
It's amazing how fast your writing deteriorates when you don't do it for a while. My cursive was getting half way decent and now I'm back to not being able to read the chicken scratch that I call writing. I think I'm going to make it a point to keep a journal and try to right something each day.
Sony RX1, RX100, A77 and A99.High Plains Drifter by DYSong Photography, on Flickr
I just made a mistake and looked at some new cameras. Now I want. LOL! A Storm is Born by DYSong Photography, on Flickr
As already said, that's one thing nobody can say about me. More pics...http://www.flickr.com/photos/dysong/sets/72157626359294046/http://www.flickr.com/photos/dysong/sets/72157625089358107/
IC I think you should give your son your Canon 5D. LOL! The kid's got talent. So I came a cross a 100-500 f2.8 internal focus it's a telescope lens and the price is pretty good. Decisions decisions. It would make wildlife and astrophotography a whole lot more interesting.
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