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More heat and it would have sucked it all up. My guess as to why they recommend it goes back to good old corporate wheeling and dealing. They probably contacted a few people about a repackaged product deal and as part of the deal they end up being a recommendation. It's good PR and marketing.
It takes a fair amount of heat. Slow circular motion over small spots, The snoseal will melt and begin to soak in. When the pores of the leather open up it'll literally drink in the snoseal. Once you see this happen you'll know how much heat you need to apply. It takes me about 15 minutes to snoseal my boots but I've been doing it forever. It's also normal that they'll feel very waxy after the treatment. It'll tone down after you wear them a while. Water brushing a week or...
Well the video is a bit dated. The brand new expensive banker's bag care kit contains what I believe to be MPB's oil and proofer in relabeled containers. Read the labels on the products in the care kit and MPB's label. Wolverine 1000 Mile Messenger Bag and Boot Care Kit by DYSong Photography, on Flickr Any questions on why Wolverine recommends MPB?
Good old Sig 238. One of my favorites.
I like sunsets. I try to make it a point watch them every day. It's my peace and quiet part of the day.
I'm the guy who started all of this. Here's a pic taken on the day I picked my boots up from the cobbler nearly 2 years ago. Original 1000 Mile Boot Commando Resole 1 by DYSong Photography, on Flickr This one was taken in October. The soles are still firmly attached even though they've been through endless trips in mud, water, scree and whatever else I end up in. Muddy Boots and a Point by DYSong Photography, on Flickr
1Ks are light boots. A full Vibram resole wouldn't add much weight at all. I didn't do it because of aesthetics.
Yes she is Stiches. She's been my main subject for better than 4 decades and never let's me down for long.
Oil is your primary conditioner. LP is your weather proofer though it does condition as well.
None, CXL doesn't like wax all that much. Scuffs come out by rubbing them with your finger and a little boot oil. If I had to touch a spot up with color I would use a small amount of creme wax. In the 3 plus years of beating up my brown 1Ks all I've done was clean them, oil them and snoseal them once in a while. I posted plenty of pics showing before and after results.These are not dress shoes and are not cared for in the same way. With that said Mario has gotten his boots...
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