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They make a lightweight version for the small cameras along with a decent wrist strap. I have a half dozen cameras that I use regularly so I have one strap, a wrist strap and a few fasteners. It simplifies things.
It won't hurt them any. Just make sure they are dry on the inside before you put them in.Patience is a virtue. LOL! I'm not sure how or why all of this size down talk started but it is not something someone should automatically do. I have dealt with a lot of sizing questions and I've recommended a half size down to a half size larger. Never ever have I recommended a full size down.Now just a quick update....I have been wearing my brown 1Ks every day for at least 2 or 3...
I gave up on conventional straps. I went with BlackRapid slings and haven't looked back.
It's amazing how fast your writing deteriorates when you don't do it for a while. My cursive was getting half way decent and now I'm back to not being able to read the chicken scratch that I call writing. I think I'm going to make it a point to keep a journal and try to right something each day.
Sony RX1, RX100, A77 and A99.High Plains Drifter by DYSong Photography, on Flickr
I just made a mistake and looked at some new cameras. Now I want. LOL! A Storm is Born by DYSong Photography, on Flickr
As already said, that's one thing nobody can say about me. More pics...http://www.flickr.com/photos/dysong/sets/72157626359294046/http://www.flickr.com/photos/dysong/sets/72157625089358107/
IC I think you should give your son your Canon 5D. LOL! The kid's got talent. So I came a cross a 100-500 f2.8 internal focus it's a telescope lens and the price is pretty good. Decisions decisions. It would make wildlife and astrophotography a whole lot more interesting.
Nope, it's getting into the surface a bit which is no big deal. Now if your feet are wet then that's a different story.Talk to the cobbler for that one.
In the store we have Irish Setter's Elk Tracker boots insulated and not insulated. Both have a Goretex liner. It's a really decent boot for the money. Full grain leather, Goodyear welt, aggressive multi terrain lugs, 12 inches high so decent protection from briars and snakes with fangs and it doesn't weigh six tons. It's definitely heavier than an upland boot but as it's name suggests it's geared for Elk country. Oh and it has a scent blocker as well. Rus Moc makes an...
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