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Oh no, it's not expensive by any means. It gets expensive if you do a full recraft/resole. That will run you a C note maybe more depending on who does it.
I'm not sure Mario. My CXLs are the same way. I'm wondering if has to do with the aging process. Mine are certainly well conditioned but perhaps I need to oil them a bit more frequently.
Oh boy! Mario TEMPERATURE!!! Don't forget at what temperature you did yours at. I can see it now. Oven preheat to 400, bake for 3 hours. OOOOOOoooops!
Perhaps I'll take a course in English as well. It appears I have no clue on which right is used when. Am I write? LOL!
Yeah, I'm sure these additions are just a glimpse of what they got planned.
They make an optical and an electronic viewfinder attachment for the RX1. The hot shoe is a whole lot more than just a hot shoe. I personally like the full manual mode of operation. f stop, focus and macro switching using rings on the lens. Who'd of thought of such a thing? Sony is showing a bit of their Minolta lineage here.
Wolverine doesn't recraft these. You bring them to your favorite cobbler.
Foo, I'm not going to buy one. For that kind of money I would be into an A99 or I could get an A900 and an A77. What I'm trying to do is get Sony to sponsor me for one of my pet projects. I basically want them to let me use the camera for a year. If I were to do this project with a film camera I would be using the XK with my 35mm f2.8 shift lens. The RX1 is the digital equivalent.
I'm not sure why you treated the soles like you did. One coat is enough. You spend all your time on the uppers not the sole. Oh and the stitching issue isn't an issue and never will be. Perfectly normal. Damp concrete is nothing compared to what I walk on. The scree around the lakes I hike is predominately White Burlington Chert. It's the same stuff native American people made arrowheads, spear points and knife blades out of. It's nasty stuff to say the least and after 3...
Thanks IC, I'll need all the luck I can get. LOL! Even though the RX1 doesn't have an interchangeable lens the lens that's on it is a good choice for landscapes. It's the camera that I'm after from Sony for the sponsorship I mentioned. Fidel, I've been wanting to replace my P&S camera for a while now and that RX100 looks like a really good choice in my book. Great glass, large sensor and RAW capable.
New Posts  All Forums: