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Anyone mess with Ilford SFX?
Yes the amount of light stays the same but DOF changes. It revolves around field of view and how you compare the images. It can be deeper, shallower or the same. The easiest way to not go nuts over this is don't worry about the actual focal length of the lens. Worry about the effective focal length on anything smaller than a full frame and all the confusion goes away. If you crop a full frame image to match the field of view of an APS-C image the DOF is exactly the same as...
The whole depth of field thing with different sensor sizes is kind of weird. Thinking in equivalent values tends to sort of keep things in perspective.
How old are you?
Oil first. LP or snoseal second. The oil's job is to condition, snoseal and LP are the waterproofers. Don't treat the soles at all since you're getting them half soled. One page back someone linked to my snoseal tutorial and the reason for treating before first wear.
Huh? I would expect things to be a whole lot more saturated and vibrant after tweaking than what you ended up with. From what I've read if it's just a little bit overexposed it tones the reds and saturation down a lot. I'm talking about a third or half stop, nothing major by any means. Ektar misbehaves in a very similar fashion so I really concentrate on the meter matching with the SRT102. With the XK it's not an issue thanks to the aperture priority mode and infinitely...
No. Use one or the other and that's it.
That depends on whether or not you want to be assured of getting best quality boots or not. We sell firsts and we look them over before we ship.If I wanted to to do a minimum manufacturing order they would probably make them for us. It's not going to happen so get the tans.Think viscosity and you have the order of application. Don't bother with the creme if you're going to snoseal or LP them. So you've been wearing them in wet conditions straight out of the box? That's...
How does it look on a light table? From what I understand it can be a really picky film. A little bit of over or underexposure can really change how things look. From what I've seen it really works good in late afternoon sun for landscapes. I picked up a roll to shoot the Fall colors around here but ended up using Ektar instead.
Nice Shore, I have a roll of that stuff in the fridge. Now I know what to expect from it.
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