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My custom trenches out in who knows where.
A rainbow pano.
It seems like it will never stop raining here. Every single day for weeks it rains in the afternoon. I didn't know we had a Monsoon season.A lightning shot from a couple of days ago.
It seems Missouri is this years weird weather capital. From last week.
ARs are going for cheap around here. That market collapsed months ago in MO at least.
Two lightning shots from a recent two state night storm chase. It's been a while since I've seen lightning as wild as what was going on this night.
Photographers I like. Mitch Dobrowner, his storm photos are stunning. Warren Faidley, the most recognized severe weather photographer in the world. Bruce Barnbaum, his black and white landscapes are unreal. Ansel Adams, no intro needed. Edward Weston, a master of composition. Annie Leibovitz, one of the best portrait photographers ever. Henri Cartier-Bresson, the definer of photojournalism.
Fathers Day Special This special is good on the entire USA made Wolverine 1000 Mile collection. If you don't see the style, color or size you're after call the store at 573-254-3311. The magic word is DAD20
That's what has most likely happened whether you think it's silly or not. The damage that dirt does to leather starts internally and works it's way to the surface. it starts as barely visible hairline cracks. Then it gets worse. The same thing happens to leather that is allowed to dry out and is continually flexed. I don't think this is the problem with this guy's boots given the amount of use he's put them through. If they were dry they wouldn't last a year given what he...
This is happening on my brown boots too. What's happened is microscopic dirt has gotten into the leather and is cutting it. There's nothing that can be done about it other than keep them as clean as possible so it takes longer for the upper to fail. I know it sucks but this is what happens to leather where it's constantly stressed and creased. You wore them well, continue to do so.Not only is the keeper level low, in this case the ratio was about 50 to one for what I...
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